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Small Bathrooms – Inspired Space

Small Bathrooms – Inspired Space

The final edition in our month of Bathrooms on Inspired Space is Small Bathrooms. Small bathrooms need to be functional, and utilise space wisely. Let’s take a look at some.

7 Small Bathrooms to Inspire

Small BathroomImage Source
Very smart having the toilet cistern built into the vanity!

Small BathroomsImage Source
The high ceilings give the feeling of extra space here.

Small BathroomsImage Source

Small BathroomsImage Source

Small BathroomsImage Source
Every square inch has been used here!

Small BathroomsImage Source
What’s not to love!

Small BathroomsImage Source

What style bathroom do you love most?
Do you have a handy storage tip for a small bathroom?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh Nicole
    I wish you lived closer to me or me to you! We have the tiniest room that is our main bathroom and it really, really needs a renovation (it is the original condition from when the toilet was brought inside from being a pan toilet outside). I am guesstimating this would be about 40-50 years ago because the works for mains sewerage started in our suburb in 1963. The outside loo structure was still here when we bought 15yrs ago.
    I am liking the bathroom with the loo in the vanity and the second last one. Maybe when it comes time I will enlist your professional skills from afar!

    1. I just found a tape measure and my bathroom is 2.5m x 1.75m and we currently have a shower over the bath, toilet and vanity in the room. I would prefer to have a seperate shower to bath or find a way to make this room into a a shower/bath, basin and a seperate room for a toilet lol! I know I want wine from water! xoxo

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