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Sitting Rooms – Inspired Space

Sitting Rooms – Inspired Space

Recently we returned our daughters bedroom to a sitting room as this was the rooms original purpose. The son of the first owners shared stories with great joy about this room with the gorgeous glass. Later this week I will share it’s transformation, today however, I would like to share my inspiration and the many sitting rooms I lusted after, while designing this space in our home.

My Favourite Sitting Rooms


Wayne Windham Architect


Wayne Windham Architect

Sitting rooms can be taken on in any style of home, for us when designing the space, the sitting room was to be a room of quiet reflection.


Apartment Therapy

While traditionally the sitting room would be a room, there is still opportunity for the sitting room to become a sitting nook, like this one. A more formal space than the every day lounge room.


Ideal Home

Our sitting room is somewhere to invite a friend for afternoon tea, a space that invites conversation.


Home Beautiful

Ours is a space to curl up and read a book, a peaceful hideaway from the busyness of the day.

Sitting rooms speak of opulence to me, its like a sneaky glutinous treat, that the kids have no idea they are missing out on. When I think luxury, I think of a bath on a Winter’s afternoon, followed by a cup of steaming tea and a good book in the sitting room.

Do you have a sitting room in your home? What would you enjoy doing in your sitting room?

Nicole xxx

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