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The Sitting Room – A Sneak Peek

The Sitting Room – A Sneak Peek

I have spoken frequently recently about transforming our daughters bedroom back to a sitting room similar to it’s original purpose of the breakfast room. While it is still a little way from being totally completed, I thought I would share a little sneak peek of how the progress is coming along. All that is really missing now is the dressing of the room, but I am struggling to find the perfect pieces to complete our dream. For now, I can share the initial transformation.

The Sitting Room – A Sneaky Look

First step to begin this room, was to spend some time in the room, understanding how we would come to use it. Although it is a bright room with the beautiful coloured glass, it was closed off from the rest of the house with the wall the way it was. The door to the bedroom, sat on the far side of the wall, so from the kitchen all you could see was a blank wall.

TBW Sitting Room

Looking from the kitchen this is the wall we could see.

TBW Sitting Room 1

The first decision we made then, was for the wall to come out and the position of the doors to change, also to bring more of the beautiful light from this room into the hallway of our home, we changed the doors to a set of french doors, with plenty of glass.

TBW Sitting Room 2

You can see how opening up this space for doors, brings the light into the hallway, but also invites conversation and connection from the kitchen, through to the sitting room.

We were thrilled to find the original (1930’s from the first extension) still in great nick, however once we pulled up the old carpet, we found it not to be what we had hoped for towards the back of the room, and were left with no other decision but to re-carpet the room.

TBW Sitting Room 3

Once the modifications were made, it was time for paint. Fresh paint did wonders for the space, especially once the carpet was also in place. Once this was complete, the room was ready for furniture.

After many conversations, we decided we were after a 2.5 seater sofa and two single chairs. We spent a significant amount of time looking for the right pieces for this room, without luck and in the end, had the sofa and chairs custom made for us. They are just perfect!

The coffee table was a last minute online shopping find, that was shipped here within 4 working days. I love it, but now need to fit a side table and another table for the back of the room. The ‘dressing’ of the room still needs to be done, but here is your sneak peek ?

The Builders Wife Sitting Room

The Builder's Wife Sitting Room

The Builder's Wife Sitting Room

The Builder's Wife Sitting Room

I do hope you love it as much as we do. I’m going to confess that we are keeping this room to be a predominately adults only room, hence the white sofa. It’s our tranquil space, to read a book, have a chat or simply be still. I will show much more of the room, once it is all ‘dressed’ and ready for full showing.

Do you have a sitting space in your home? Do you have a room you get to call your own?

Nicole xxx


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  1. You have such a beautiful home Nicole and a very clever eye for decorating or ‘dressing’ a room. LOVE the coloured glass in the windows. Love the french doors and that sofa looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see this room once dressed! ? xo

    1. Thank you Min, that is so kind of you x

  2. Love how you opened it up letting light in is always a beautiful choice. And love the chairs. I’ve recently been doing up our upstairs living space, we’ve been in a year now and I finally know what I want for this room. It’s finally coming together as a space to relax and read as a family. Thanks for the sneak peek

  3. What a gorgeous space, one day I shall have the space for that!! Have been loving reading about your open home.. just too busy/lazy to comment! Much love xx

    1. It get’s so much easier as the children grow up Em. Hope you are having a blast on your holiday, so jelly!! xxx

  4. Looks great. I love the chairs. Can I ask where you had them custom made?
    I do have an adult sitting toom. Its called the G&T room.

    1. My goodness Ange, a G&T room, you are my kind of person!! Unfortunately the company we sourced these from only deal with builders and interior designers. I would be happy to email through the information to you if you have someone who could help you with that?

  5. […] plants are thriving in this almost completed sitting room. The light in here is fantastic and the warmth in these cooler months means the plants are […]

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