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Simple Flower Arrangements That You Can Do Yourself – Inspired Space

Simple Flower Arrangements That You Can Do Yourself – Inspired Space

It’s no surprise that I love having fresh flowers in my home. They don’t need to be an expensive arrangement from a florist, sometimes the simplest bunch from your garden or gifted from a neighbour can be the most meaningful and decorative.  Here are some simple flower arrangements that you can do yourself.

Simple Flower Arrangement

7 DIY Flower Arrangements

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This cute bunch of flowers in a Mason Jar add a simple vibrancy to any space.  I love the simplicity of the arrangement, and the pale colours.  This would co-ordinate well in almost any room.  You could also do small posies or have them singularly in an array of small jars grouped together.

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You can jazz up the jars by simply wrapping and gluing some string around them, depending on the look you are wanting.  Although these shown above are pictured as a centrepiece on a table, you could also place the multiple jars on your hall table, or kitchen bench, or even a window sill.

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Small bottles in varying sizes and colours are also great for a single stem flower or smaller buds.  These are fantastic for those smaller bushes that produce beautiful flowers, but only have short stems.

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I think these are really pretty.  You can use any jar that you may have at home.  I love the simplicity of white flowers, and this shows that just a few stems of the same variety are an effective display.

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This silver pot makes a great vase.  You might have some favourite antique pieces that you’re saving for a special occasion.  Well, today is the day to make it special, so dig it out from the back of the cupboard and make a gorgeous flower display.

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I just love this idea of adding citrus to the glass or vase with the flowers.  It introduces another dimension to the display and hides the stems.  This would look great in the kitchen, or as a centrepiece on the table don’t you think?

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An old watering can can also make a beautiful vase for your bright blooms.  I love this one with the rusty blue paint.

Tin Can vases are also an easy, cheap and effective way to display flowers.  You can simply use soup cans or what ever tin cans you have.  These are also great to use outside and around small children, as they won’t break if knocked over. Teacups can also be used as small vases for flowers.  These would look great on the table especially if you were hosting a high tea.

So, there you go.  There are some gorgeous ideas to display simple flower arrangements around your home.  Whether you are an avid gardener with an abundance of blooms in your own garden, or you might only have a small garden with a couple of flowering plants, or have local flower markets nearby, it is easy to bring flowers in to your home and jazz up any space.

What are your favourite flowers?  Do you love large bunches, or small posies? Do you have a unique item that you use as a vase to display them?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I love these ideas – so simple, even I could do them! I usually treat myself to a supermarket style bunch of blooms every week. Flowers are just my favourite. I have one of those funny headless dog vases – it makes me smile every time I look at it!

  2. Some easy and simple ideas here. I often forget to add more greenery from my garden to a smaller bunch of flowers to make them look more dense.

  3. […] home. I love having flowers in my home and visit the flower markets here in Brisbane regularly. Simple flower arrangements placed around your home, when treated well, will last for at least a week, often two. Like to know […]

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