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Should You Include A Tech Hub In Your Plan?

Should You Include A Tech Hub In Your Plan?

So much thought goes into designing a home, creative architects will look at the way in which your family will live in your home both now and into the future. Technology now plays a very big part of our family life, however, 10 years ago it was still a relatively new creation that we used for work and play. Nowadays it has infiltrated just about every part of our lives, in fact for many of us, we rely heavily on technology to live. From turning on our appliances remotely to surveillance systems, home offices and gaming we seem to rely on technology for some much. It is a change that most wouldn’t have foreseen happening, and it isn’t going away, so should we be embracing this change and including a Tech Hub in our plans for our new home or renovation? I guess that all depends on you.

Only you can know how your family uses technology now and how it might in the future. I personally love the idea of having a nook to contain a hub with a desk and plenty of space for us to work to the source of the internet. I also love the idea for all of these necessary items being in the one spot in our home. To make this decision you’ll need to look at the following questions.

Should You Include A Tech Hub In Your Home?

1. How Does Your Family Use The Internet In Your Home Now?

Currently, our family uses the internet for work, for play and our kids use it for homework and for gaming. We are a high load household using technology for everything from watching television, to working all day. Our kid’s usage has gone from virtually nothing to using the internet every day for homework and entertainment. Currently, our space for homework and work is away from our modem and therefore our internet is generally slow and patchy. A tech hub would be super beneficial for us right now.

2. How Do You Predict Your Family Will Use The Internet In The Future?

As our kids are either finished school or close to finishing, we have to look at what their needs will be like moving forward. Our eldest is 22 and youngest 15, so we are still likely to have kids living at home for the next 5-8 years (I may be kidding myself here!) So I see our usage becoming more complicated and having a higher demand.

For families with younger kids, it is essential to understand that the load for your children will increase dramatically as all their learnings will be done online if not now, by the time they reach high school. Keep this in mind when thinking about how the internet will work in your home and where you are likely to want your children to be seated for homework etc.

3. Can You See A Time When You Might Work From Home?

While 10 years ago I was working from home within our construction business. There was no time in which I thought for a minute I would be running 3 separate businesses. My internet load alone has skyrocketed, add into this, the Builder now works from the internet most afternoons of the week, and while I never thought either of us would be in the positions we are now in, we are.

Essentially for us that means, that having a tech hub, where we can both work close to all the technology we require would have been so much better for us than our current arrangement. Next reno for us will contain a hub.

4. Will You Be Looking To Sell Your Home In The Next 10 Years?

My prediction is over the coming years tech hubs will become a selling point in our homes. There are so many jobs now that are located in an office, however I see businesses shaving more costs from their bottom line and encouraging workers to work from home. While this is a win, win for most of us, many of us won’t be set up to efficiently work from home. Tech hubs will become a sort after home accessory.

If you are thinking of selling in the near future, definitely consider adding a tech hub to your home.

Each year our homes are getting smarter and the way in which we use our homes is expanding. Considering a tech hub for your home, may be a great benefit now and in the future.

Have you thought of adding a tech hub to your home? Do you have one already?


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