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Should I Renovate My Kitchen?

Should I Renovate My Kitchen?

Renovating a kitchen is not an easy decision to reach. There are many pro’s and con’s to consider such as the inconvenience of living without one for a reasonable period of time and if the expense is really a worthy investment. While many of us would love a new kitchen, many of us balk at the thought of making such a large financial and emotional decision. Below is a guide designed to help you reach your decision without too much stress.


Should I Renovate My Kitchen


I guess the very first place to start, should be with the why. Why are you considering renovating your kitchen, is it because the old one isn’t functional, is it out dated and you are tired of looking at it, is your kitchen beginning to break down? Perhaps you would just like a new one, perhaps you are trying to increase the sale-ability of your home. Regardless of the reason, it’s a great idea to document the why.


How old is your existing kitchen? If it is less than 5 years old, the investment into a new one may not be well placed. If it is heading upwards of 10 years, then I certainly think it’s a great idea to have a new one. Kitchens should last at least 10 years, obviously trends change in that time and you may prefer to make the investment into a new one before the 10 year mark, but is it something you can live with for another year or two?


As mentioned above, kitchens last around 10 years, good ones even longer. So when making that final decision to renovate your kitchen, choose wisely. Looking for neutral colours, invest in good quality stone bench tops avoid trendy in items not easily replaced. Lighting is a great way to bring your kitchen in to trend, as it is easy and inexpensive to change at a later date.


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Kitchens are expensive, that said, kitchens sell homes! Now is a great time to consider the why, and compare that to the cost. If this is your forever home and you are looking to create a space that you will enjoy for years to come, then the investment is likely to be worthwhile, if you are renovating your kitchen for profit prior to selling, then yes, providing your don’t over spend, go for it! If you are renovating prior to offering your house for rent, I would recommend you reconsider.


Kitchens can vary in cost from $20k all the way through to $50-60K even more. This room is that one room in your home where the expenses mount and quickly. Simple items like taps can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Keep the kitchen in the same vain as the home. Don’t spend $50k on a kitchen in a $350k house, it just wont provide a return on investment. If you live in a large expensive home, then spend to your budget and keep the next home owners in mind.

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  1. These are great tips and some I will need to come back to. I’m itching to renovate our kitchen just need to find the time and the money!

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