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Selling Or Renovating Your Home, You Need To Watch This

Selling Or Renovating Your Home, You Need To Watch This

Home renovation shows are not our thing, watching them feels like work for the builder, and so we tend to avoid them. Recently though, I stumbled across a renovation show, that I could get past the builder because it is presented differently. I watched Selling Houses Australia on Foxtel Lifestyle when the builder was out, to test it out and knowing he would really enjoy it, popped it on for him one night and what do you know he loves it too!

When I first started watching I thought it would be a great show for those who were considering selling their homes, but within 10 minutes realised what a great show it is for anyone considering renovating their home.

Most renovations are done on a budget, and lots of renovations are done with an element of DIY. Finding inspiration for renovating your home is easy, we are flooded every day with thousands of images of the perfect renovations but finding budget ideas can be a little more challenging.

Foyer before the experts weave their magic.

Foyer After, simple changes make a massive difference.

The way this show works, is for the design experts to walk through and evaluate a home that has been stagnant on the market for some time. After this, a meeting is held with the home owner to establish a budget and have the designers share their ideas.

The budget is usually quite restricted, which provides an opportunity for clever design tricks and easy DIY fixes. This is where the show turns into a great chance for us all to learn from the expertise of the professionals.

Money saving tips and tricks are shared episode after episode and furthermore I found that it gives a great before and after perspective that will open your eyes to the potential in your own home.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Most of all though, what we really loved, is the reality of the prices. With tight budgets comes compromise and on other renovation shows, often many shortcuts are taken or correct representation of costs and what is involved is not presented. In Selling Houses Australia, we are shown easy budget options, which are presented exactly as they are, with the bonus that this show is Australian not American with unrealistic prices that don’t relate to our market.

I have become quite addicted to this show and recommend if you are renovating or considering selling or renovating your home, this show is one not to be missed.

Do you have a favourite show? Would you have professionals in before you listed?

Nicole xxx

This post was written in collaboration with Foxtel Lifestyle.



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