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Selling Our Home And Other Crazy Stuff

Selling Our Home And Other Crazy Stuff

My life is super crazy at the moment, you know there is the whole selling the house thing, while trying to keep our business afloat and being Mum, I am struggling to catch my breath! It is a huge journey selling this gorgeous old girl, one that has brought me to my knees on more than one occasion, but just this week I feel as though, it’s right. That it is the right time to let her go.

For a time there I felt like I was letting her down, silly I know, but to me our Pen Y Llechwedd is more than a house, she is real. Almost like a living breathing part of my life! In reality she is, I have learned to feel when she is happy and when she is sad.

Pen Y Llechwedd was sad when we first arrived, she was unloved and felt forgotten, but with a little love and a lot of hard work, she is shinning again. Proud to be who she really is. She absolutely loves all the fuss and attention she is receiving at the moment, and rewards us with a harmonious home that we are able to share as a family.

Pen Y has been quite the media star these last few weeks, with features on Ipswich First

Queenslander renovation alteration


queenslander renovation alteration

and Nine Honey.

queenslander renovation alteration

Earlier that this year, she was delighted to be recognised as one of the grand old ladies of Ipswich (great Houses Of Ipswich via the National Trust) and had a record number of guests through her door. I am certain she smiled that day, it was the happiest I have felt her.

We are feeling a little overwhelmed with the interest she has drawn these last few weeks, it seems there are many who would also like to call her home, and for this I am deeply grateful.

I believe that the “right” people will find her in fact, I am sure they already have. I dream that they will enjoy her like we do, and become a wonderful part of the history as we did before them.

It’s been a challenging decision but I feel now the time is right, Pen Y is ready for her new owners and we ready for the next chapter of our life. She will forever be a very special part of our lives, not just for being home, but for what she contributed to our lives and for that I will miss her every day.

Have you ever loved a house? What makes your house a home?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Your home would be hard to let go of!

    1. IT sure has it’s finger tightly gripped in mine ?

  2. Oh wow. I imagine this is really hard. I’m having a hard enough time letting go of a clock – see my post today – let alone an entire house with such an impressive back story. http://www.deepfriedfruit.com.au/2017/10/day-2918-when-clock-radio-is-so-much.html

    1. I understand!! And just like your clock, it’s time for me to let go xxx

  3. It’s so hard. I loved our first home – people from school moved in there and it’s kind of weird…

    1. I actually really hope no one I know buys it for that exact reason!!

  4. You and Pen are quite the celebrities – I’ve loved reading all the media articles. I hope the planets align and that you can pass her on to another family who love her as much as you do. You might be moving to a new home but you’ll always have those special memories in your heart!

    1. I hope so too Sammie!! My fingers are firmly crossed that Pen finds the next installment in her love story. xx

  5. Gosh, it’s hard enough moving house, and it must be even harder when you have such a connection with it! I guess it’s the end of an era. #teamIBOT

    1. Moving is the pits!! Not looking forward to the packing. xx

  6. I don’t think I have have ever loved a house as much as you love Pen Y but I haven’t lived in a house as amazing as Pen Y either!

    All the best with your move! I’m sure Pen Y will attract the right family for her, someone who will love her just like you do!


    1. I never loved one like this before either, but feel sure I will again. (I hope xx)

  7. You are famous!! I have seen that you are selling. I understand why you’ve come to that decision but I also understand how hard it must be. She is a beautiful house but you know that your next place will also be a beautiful house and home, especially once you put your stamp on it. You are very talented with your interior design! All the very best Nicole. I hope Pen finds the perfect new owners and that you find the perfect new home for your family! xo

    1. Goodness Min, thank you for your kindness, how wonderful of you.xxx

  8. It sounds like it’s all coming together in the right way to move on and give her a new family ?

    1. I do think so Ness. x

  9. It’s going to be so hard to leave! I feel this way about my Mum’s house, the home I grew up in. I can’t even fathom what it will be like the day we have to let it go after Mum is gone (or grows too old to keep living there). It will be a sad day indeed. Sadder even than when Dave’s parents sold their property a few years ago, that was super sad! I remember going up there with Dave and the girls for a last wander around. I took so many photos and I’m so glad I did!

    1. I think it will be really sad for my daughter who has been overseas for all the recent changes. It is getting a little easier for me each day. I have to be honest, as soon as I know we have sold, I will be booking a photo shoot, as much for the house as for the kids memories xx

  10. I love how the story of selling your house is making the press! Credit to you my dear! I can also see how hard it is to let go but like you said now you are ready and wanting a family to come and live in it as you did. I’ve spent major part of our married life in 3 houses were we’re paying off. The first one we sold happily to build a new house which unhappily we HAD to sell and then the third & final house was never one I loved but we had lots of memories made there. However we needed to sell to pay off the mortgage so I could stop work. Our older grandkids are the saddest ones about that last house because they are old enough to remember it well. In fact my eldest did a drive by last Christmas to see what the new owners did outside as we used to light it Up! One day again B & I will own a house and it will be simple and made for 2 who need their comforts in a one level house. Not sure where but time & finances will determine This! Meanwhile I hope yours sells for what you need and want and I wish you well. When Dad sold my parents’ house a young family bought it and as we had been a young family buying it new in 1959 Dad thought was great. I wrote a story of the house (with photos) and all the family members who had treasured it and that was well received. In fact from time to time Dad hears from the lady.

    1. I really understand how you felt Denyse. It sure can be tough! Thank you for your kind wishes, I really appreciate them.I love that your grandchild drove by your house at Christmas! That shows how much it meant to them. xx

  11. Just had a browse through some of your before and after pictures and the love and new life you’ve given that house is beautiful! What an amazing restoration. I’m sure her new caregivers will treasure her as you have x

    1. Thank you Bron, honestly it was an easy house to love and nurture. All the bones were here, we just added a bit of flair! xx

  12. Such a big deal Nic, I have no idea how you get to sleep at night. I struggle and don’t have a new house to buy, one to sell and all the rest that goes with it. Lucky you have the mental fortitude to power through. I do hope we can coffee one of these days. Em xxx

    1. Lovely Em, I’m going to take that coffee and up it to a champers! I have a feeling we’ll be catching up before Christmas xx Thank you for your lovely words, perfectly timed, and they mean so much xx

  13. I trust she will end up in good hands with people who appreciate her beauty and history. I hope your next house brings you much joy xxx

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