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Save Energy At Home with The Builder’s Wife

Save Energy At Home with The Builder’s Wife

I was really thrilled recently to be asked to be involved in a campaign by Energy Australia to give tips on how to save energy at home. With Winter being such a time of high energy consumption as we all try to keep warm, I was really keen to share my own tips.

Save Energy

Save Energy At Home

Featured along side other great bloggers such as Sam from DIY Decorator, and Emily from Get In My Home, this was a great opportunity to give an insight into what I know about saving energy in the home.

There are so many different hints and tips to help you maximise the energy efficiency of your home, from curtains and blinds, to insulation and effective heating and cooling. If you are fortunate enough to be building a new home, be sure to think about how to save energy when in the early planning stage.

Interested in seeing what I recommend as my top tip? Check it out here. Let me know how you save energy at home in the Winter.

Got a tip to share? Do you prefer Summer or Winter? Ever been to the snow?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Thank you Nicole for mentioning DIY Decorator. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Sam. xx

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