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Safe Driving and Protecting Myself

Safe Driving and Protecting Myself

This is a sponsored post for Firths The Compensation Lawyers.

I have been fortunate enough in my time, to not require the services of a lawyer for anything other than positive reasons. Having said that, there was a time, when I thought I was going to have to engage the services of a lawyer, to help me with an insurance claim.

It was a Saturday morning, quiet in town by comparison. I was driving from one game of football with the boys to another, when after stopping at the lights, the motorist next to me cut me off with his trailer, hitting the front of my car. He was very clearly in the wrong and kindly rushed out of this car to apologise as soon as we had both pulled up. The man had his wife with him, who was very cross with him, and telling him off as he got out of the car. “I’m so sorry”, she said, “I knew something like this would happen today, that’s why I came with him”.


**Not my car**

It transpired that they had been moving for the few days before hand and the husband was just exhausted. Feeling sorry for them, we quickly exchanged insurance details and headed in our separate directions. I phoned my insurance company who were great, they quickly organised the repairs and 2 weeks later the car was all fixed.

I was surprised to receive a call from the insurance company a month later, to let me know that the gentleman and his insurance company were contesting the claim. I was quite upset, the man had stated on several occasions it was his fault, I didn’t want to end up with a black mark against my name.It was at this point I considered contacting a lawyer, I knew I was in the right, I just needed advice on how to handle it, someone on my team to help me through. Companies like Firths The Compensation Lawyers specialise in this type of law, and when needed, an expert is certainly who I would choose.

I was fortunate enough that my insurance company told me to hold tight for a few weeks and see how things panned out before contacting a lawyer, after giving my statement, I was proven correct and the whole thing finally went away.

With Christmas nearly here, now is the time to take caution in all areas of your life, if something does go wrong and you need help, be sure to seek out a reputable professional.

Have you ever been in a situation where a lawyer was required? Do you have a lawyer you can trust?


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  1. Great post nicole. Very good advice

    1. Thank you Adam ?

  2. Yes, as you know, when it comes to difficult matters, when someone does the wrong thing by you, you have to engage a lawyer to ensure you get the right outcome. The key is finding the right lawyer to deal with your situation. Glad the insurance company sorted it out for you before you had to go further.

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