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The ‘S’ Word

The ‘S’ Word

A common issue with employers is the ‘S’ word, staff. Each member of your team brings with them their own unique life experiences, some are a positive contribution, some are not. At Fernbrooke Homes, most of our team members are long time associates, who have been a part of our team for most of Adams 20 years in the business. They have become good family friends. This really assists us keep our family orientated business moving in the direction of a common goal, client satisfaction.

We have had our share of difficulties in the past, even with a couple in recent times, but mostly we have been fortunate enough to be able to deal with these people swiftly and quietly move them on.


Dealing with staff, can be a legal minefield though, and this is where our industry has its advantages. Most of our team are sub-contractors, this means they have their own businesses and we contract them to before a specific job for us. For us the advantages are, we find our sub-contractors generally do a better quality job, because they are accountable for their work and the time it takes to do the job, we don’t have to waste time and costly resources with payrolls, and finding work in quiet times, and we can have a large team of dedicated specialists who are ready to work with us to give the best result, instead of limiting ourselves to the small team we could afford.

We have been lucky with our team, we receive many complements from our clients on our sub-contractors. It does take work and recognition of a job well done, communication and understanding, but the old adage of unreliable tradies, does not need to apply.

Have you dealt with an outstanding tradesperson? What have your experiences been like?

Nicole xxx

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