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When Adam and I first started working together, though enthusiastic, I was terrified. I had, had a little experience in the building industry, as both my father and brother are plasterers, also I had previously built my own home. To be honest, I didn’t like what I had found. Sites were dirty, loud, I vividly remember my father telling other workers off on site for swearing in front of his daughter, the men were often rude, it just wasn’t a nice place for a child.

As a woman, I feared a similar reaction when I began my site visits and dealing with our sub-contractors. I’ll be honest and say we have had a couple that seemed to not like my presence on site, and I am happy to say we got rid of them straight away. At Fernbrooke Homes, we will only work with sub-contractors who understand a woman’s place on site. Who are respectful, and polite. We will not tolerate swearing, smoking, loud music, animals on site and we have a long list of expectations for each of our workers to adhere too.

Ever been stood up by a tradie? We won’t accept sub-contractors who are late, or worse still, don’t turn up at all. It takes only a moment to have the foresight to call and let the client know you are running late, or something has come up. It is common courtesy that seems to be missing in our industry, though I am proud to say, we have close to a 100% success rate with this. We only chose reliable team members, we prefer family orientated workers, as most of our clients have families, and we feel this perspective means we as a team can be understanding of a families requirements.

I see this change is being reflected within most of the industry, supported with the introduction of HIA business partners network and other industry groups. Women play a large part in our industry now, it is essential that they are welcomed and supported. It is our belief that it provides a better outcome for our clients.


Check out this link to a story about these inspiring women, leading the way in our industry.

Have you had to deal with unprofessional tradies? What are your experiences with the building industry?

Nicole xx


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