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Renovations Galore: 5 Tools to Become Familiar With Before Starting Your Renovation

Renovations Galore: 5 Tools to Become Familiar With Before Starting Your Renovation

This post is sponsored by Ryobi.
Have you recently brought a renovators delights, or have you decided on a new use for that old kids playroom? Then renovations are on the horizon. You’ve read the books, watched the DIY shows and you’re ready to give the job a go yourself, all that’s missing is the tools to get the job done. Here is a list of 5 tools every renovator needs.

1. Stud Sensor
This handy tool is a must have for DIY renovators and professionals alike. Take the guess work out of where to cut or drill your holes, and use a tool to help guide you to where the studs are in the walls. If you can, spend a little more, and purchase a stud sensor (or stud finder) that not only makes it easy to find studs, but also detects steel piping, cables and wood studs.
2. Angle Grinder
I love our angle grinder; it has helped me out of so many tricky situations. Offering versatility, it cuts, grinds, polishes and sands. The action is all in the attachments. Remove paint or rust with a wire brush attachment or select a suitable grinding disc for masonry or metal grinding. To take full advantage of its versatility, look for a cordless version. Ryobi have a great selection of cordless options for small spaces.
3. Cordless Screwdriver
We don’t have one of these, but it has been put on my wish list. While renovating our home, there have been countless times when a cordless screwdriver would have been so handy. Whether it was with the flat pack side table, or the brackets and hooks in the kids rooms, a cordless screwdriver allows you to get into difficult spaces and tight corners, while also saving time and a sore arm!
4. Multi Tool
If you need a tool that has many different functions, this tool is the one for you. The multi tool as the name suggests, can perform a number of different tasks. The interchangeable heads allow you to efficiently cut through screws, nails and other small metal objects or fasteners. You can also use the sawing and grinding attachments for small-scale edge trimming and holes. This is the perfect handyman tool for those smaller jobs or fiddly jobs.
5. Handsaw
Most renovation jobs require some demolition work, a handsaw makes it easy to cut through strong materials like plasterboard, timber and MDF. The versatile handsaw can cut through timber beams, while being light and easy to use. It’s a handy tool, for jobs big and small.

Renovating without the correct tools, can be difficult and downright dangerous. Before you begin your DIY renovation process, be sure to have the right tools for the job, and don’t forget to take the time to learn how to use each tool properly, to ensure you have an effective and safe result.
Do you own any of these tools? Do you have some DIY planned for your place?

Nicole xxx



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  1. I have none of those tools and we are just about to renovate – I will be picking your brain this weekend! x

    1. So looking forward to it! xx

  2. I’m a renter so no DIY plans but as a general adult kind of thing, I’d like to have some skills in this area.

    1. It’s surprisingly fun using power tools xx

  3. I’ll pin this one for when we do our reno, Nicole. It’s coming… after all these years I can feel myself finally getting motivated enough to learn what an angle grinder is. (It hurts my ankles even writing that… I’m a bit weird.) x

    1. Love your weird Maxabella xxx

  4. I think we have some of these?
    Clearly I have no idea and have never attempted any type of renovation before!

    1. Ha ha, Jess, I had never done anything like this prior to our home either, despite working in the construction industry. You never know what around the corner. xx

  5. We have all those things, I think. ? I do know the Mr goes to Bunnings a lot.
    I have a few things in mind but also need some electrical work done. Just have to juggle the two at the same time.

    1. Oh the juggling act, it never stops xx

  6. I know next to nothing about tools so I ran all of these past the hubster – he uses his knuckles as a stud sensor – and funnily enough, yesterday he saw Mr 21 doing the same thing! I still think one that can detect cables and wiring etc would be a handy thing to have. Also, it turns out my hubster doesn’t have a multi tool so guess what he’s getting for Christmas … ?

    visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. PS I’ve used a belt sander and that was pretty darn cool!!!

      1. I agree Janet, they are so fun! xx

    2. Hubby mostly uses his knuckles as well, it’s like the universal tool ? great Christmas gift idea! xx

  7. I know that hubby has a cordless screwdriver, there are a few shelving jobs to be done in the storeroom so no angle grinder should be required right?!

    1. You just never know with an imaginative hubby Steph! xx

  8. We’re not renovators by any stretch of the imagination but I have a pretty impressive toolbox which includes a cordless screwdriver and a handsaw. I totally think I need one of those multitools, how cool is that?!

    1. They are cool Sammie xx

  9. My husband has all of this and more. Our garage looks like a tool shop and I’m not exaggerating ? x

    1. My hubby wishes his looked like a tool shop, but then he’d have nothing in the trailer. Once he’s back off the tools, we’ll have to get him set up. xx

  10. Yep, Dad and I used to have these on our truck. We had to be careful with our angle grinder because it didn’t have the guard. The only thing about electrical tools is the need to tag them and get them tested every 3 months. Thankfully we used a lot of battery operated tools to get out of that. Great post. ?

    1. Angle grinders are dangerous things at the best of times. xx

  11. You are speaking a foreign language to me! I’m definitely not a renovator.
    But my parents recently spent a year renovating a 120 year old house. They did an amazing job.

    1. Wow Leanne, if only those walls could talk! xx

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