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Renovation Television Shows I Love – #HIT

Renovation Television Shows I Love – #HIT

It might surprise you to learn that we never watch renovation shows. For the Builder, it just feels like an extension of work, for me on the other hand I have serious FOMO every time I hear another reno show is about to start on TV. Cue sneaky pink panther music……………so I watch them when the Builder is out doing his thing at football or on the weekends while he catches up on some sleep, after all, a Builder’s Wife has got to stay up with the trends right? I though I would share a few of my favourites just in case you haven’t discovered them yet 🙂

5 Home Renovation Shows I Love

Grand Designs


For me this is the original and the best. I am sure it is one we have all heard of, following grand projects from their inception to their completion, with a warts and all approach. Building rarely goes to plan, and this series really shows the potential problems including the all too common budget blow outs. The complexity of the issues often uncovered surprises me, as the does the willingness to share by the home owners. I feel it is a gift to watch this process reveal itself.

Flip or Flop


This couple were original in real estate, but when the market took a dive, they ventured into flipping houses. What I like about this show, is how these guys communicate with their tradespeople. While happy to help out in the demolition and the clean up, these two totally understand their limitations and are happy for the work to be carried out by licensed professionals, this of course means from time to time they will suffer a budget blow out, but I love the reality of how they have to deal with it.

Masters Of Flip


I love this show! What this couple do is my dream! I love the idea of flipping houses with The Builder and doing it on television would be super. Before beginning to flip houses, this musical duo were performing country music together is Nashville. Such a cute couple. A happy up beat show using lovely Nashville homes, an interesting show to watch.

Fixer Upper


This show is super clever! This husband and wife team, who own a remodelling and design business called Magnolia Homes,  give other couples three houses to choose from and an idea on what it would take to get this house up to the standard the couple are looing for. It includes real budgets and timelines and takes the client right from the initial inspection through to the final reveal. A great watch.

Tiny House Hunters


I got totally hooked on the tiny house movement over the Christmas break. This show really sunk it’s claws into me and didn’t let go. The concept of a tiny house has me really excited for it’s inspirational design principals and it’s environmental impact, just love it!

You might notice that all of these shows have a couple of things in common, 1. I love watching couples work together, it reminds me of the challenges The Builder and I face, 2. all of these show deal with real budgets and real timelines. As builder’s we have real issues with clients thinking that if a bathroom renovation can be completed on a renovation show in a day or two this is what it should be like in real life. Simple fact its this is not true! Naturally then watch those types of shows only add unnecessary stress to our lives, so we don’t watch them.

I would love to hear what your favourite renovation/building type shows are? Are you a fan of The Block? Ever had unrealistic expectations forced on you?


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Las week Ashlea from Glamour Costal Living linked up her Feature Friday: Newport Beach Reno, what a great transformation this one was.


Will you be linking up today?

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  1. Love a good Reno show. I miss them now that we don’t have foxtel any more. My fav was selling houses Australia! And I loved fixer upper too.

  2. I have such a love/hate relationship with Reno shows! I think The Block was what tipped me over the edge, there were a few series that I watched religiously (my friends were even on Sky High!) but eventually it just turned into a show that followed high-school drama caused by the token ‘mean girl’ character and cameras following people as they shopped. No construction, no DIY, just the occasional scenes of arguments with a contractor or foreman.

    That being said, I quite enjoy watching Sarah’s House on Lifestyle if it’s on, but I think I’m on a reno show hiatus otherwise.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with reno shows I love the transformations however, they just remind me how much I can’t do at my place (lack of cash not lack of vision). Also everytime I watch them I want to move! The truth is I really do love my home but if I could afford to put a brand new one with everything I want in it (so you know architecturally designed no less lol) on the block we have that would make me even happier.
    If you want to sticky at what we have done, I have linked up for you. It is no where near as glamourous as anything you build or any of the amazing spaces you feature!

  4. Oh goodie! Some new ones to try! We’re massive fans of reno shows of all kinds. I love Grand Designs (both the Aussie and the UK version,) Love It or List It and the Property Brothers. I’m looking forward to checking out your favourites too…

  5. I love all those you’ve listed too for the same reasons. I’m over The Block etc cos of the drama and lack of actual renovating – who cares about the ridiculous challenges?? (Although if I could do some right now for NAB to gimme $10k I would lol)
    My new fave show is Good Bones, on Sunday night on Nine life. It’s a mother and daughter buying unloved houses in their neighbourhood and bringing them back to life. They’re such a cute pair! x

  6. I’ll have to check out Fixer upper, I haven’t seen that one.
    I’m a bit the same as you, but I can’t help myself.

    Have a wonderful weekend lovely. I’m taking a break for the holidays, will be back next week. x

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