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Renovation TV Shows and The Risk for Builders

Renovation TV Shows and The Risk for Builders

Adam hates shows like House Rules, put simply, they create a false reality for regular people. In most cases it is simply not possible to build a bathroom or kitchen within a week. Unless you are prepared to pay big money, or cut a few corners, it is just not possible. When renovation shows first started showing on tv, we had an influx of clients who wanted their renovations done in super time. They were not prepared to pay the extra money for the renovations to ensure a quicker turnaround, because House Rules had told them it was possible to do it on a tiny budget. These clients were soon to realise the reality of the situation, and of course this was a hard fall to ground.

We have been engaged to fix up a few quick fix bathrooms now, and cannot fully explain the heartache these rooms have created their families. Cowboy ‘builders‘ or mates, who have promised a quick, cheap job often skimp on the necessary prep work, that may save time and money now, but creates big problems later. Essentials like waterproofing, a seemingly expensive part of the job, is often left undone. It is time consuming, pricey and could be seen as an unnecessary part of the process, until 12/18 months down the track when you have water leaking into your walls.

Cheap fittings found on the internet, that are imported from overseas is another problem we are starting to see more frequently. These fitting rarely meet Australian Standards, and are often the cause of leaks in the wall. Products not fitted correctly are another issue that regularly causes water damage.

There is a massive positive to renovation shows, especially as they begin to evolve. The inspiration that we can all take from the design on shows like The Block, the opportunity for us all to learn about new products, current trends, and increasingly the truth behind what needs to be done to create the perfect long term result. More and more I see a focus on the quality of the workmanship on these ‘rooms’. Whilst in some cases, still not up to our standards, as a whole it is improving.

Here are some picture of my favourite bathroom, recently revealed on The Block. I am totally in love with the tap wear in this bathroom, the seamless design, the way the shower sceen just melts into the tiled walls. The colours are perfect, the light right on trend, it is simple, clean and uncluttered. Whilst you won’t see anything this modern in Pen Y Llechwedd, there are still points of inspiration for us to take.




What are your thoughts on renovation style shows, do you watch them? Are you watching purely for enjoyment or are you perhaps planning your own renovation?

Nicole xx


All images can be located on The Blocks website here

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