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Renovating Your Laundry – The Do’s and Don’ts

Recently we shared that we renovated our laundry. Because it is only to be a temporary laundary, we thought we would try something new and use a Bunnings flat pack Kaboodle design. We are ecstatic with the result, and all for a very reasonable price. It has lead to many discussions around the laundry being an ideal space for DIYers to renovate. I would love to share a few tips with you.

Renovating Your Laundry – The Do’s and Don’ts

Do Plan

Well-Nested Interiors

Do take time to thoroughly study the laundry room, and further more how you will use the space. I love to wash, fold and iron all within my laundry space. I also prefer the dirty laundry to be hidden in the same room. I spend a lot of time in my laundry and wish for my space to be functional and pretty. All of these points needed to be considered prior to planning our laundry layout. It meant that we required plenty of storage, it needed to be bright and airy and have room for a vignette on the bench, I also required plenty of bench space for our folding and a hanging rail for the ironing. Take the time to plan now, before you begin.

Do Hire A Professional

Brooks & Falotico

While the laundry is a great room to DIY, there are a few areas in which I strongly recommend you call in the professionals. Plumbing, electrical and waterproofing should all be done be a qualified professional. Not only is attempting any of these jobs very dangerous, but illegal as well. There are plenty of other jobs that you as a DIYer are quite capable of completing yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Flat Pack Laundry

Jenna Sue Design Co.

As builders, a flat pack laundry was something we thought we would never do. Turns out, this is a brilliant economical way to renovate your laundry. Easy to assemble, The Builder recommended that you use extra screws and glue to ensure your cabinetry would last for years to come. Most companies that offer flat pack cabinetry, will have an inhouse team of professionals that can help you get your measurements and alignments correct. Take advantage of any services the suppliers have to give you the best result possible.

Do Give Tiling A Go


Tiling is not at all hard to do, remember that most of the hard work in actually in ensuring the prep is done well. Tiling is a great DIY job, muck in get your hands dirty and give it a try. Check here for a post to help you order the right amount of tiles, and here for help with laying tiles. Again use the knowledge of the professionals at your tile supplier to help you get the best result possible. Likewise the plastering and painting are great DIY jobs to try.There are plenty of online resources to help you if you’ve not tried them before.

Don’t Overcapitalize

Barlow Reid Design

While laundries most certainly can add to the value of your home, this is one room you don’t want to overcapitalize on. Save money where you can, while it might be a room you use often, it is hardly the showpiece of the home. We had a massive laundry in our previous home, like the rest of the house it was stunning, but honestly a big waste of money. Plan well and think smart and you can have a gorgeous room without the large expense.

Are you the DIY type? Keen for a project to tackle? Have you renovated your laundry before?

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  1. We have a pokey little laundry, that I’m about to declutter but I love the idea of tiling and adding a splash back.

    1. You can do it Em, you’ll be so happy you did! xx

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