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Reading Your Quote – What is a PC?

Reading Your Quote – What is a PC?

Once you have made the decision to renovate or build your home, the time will come where you will have to sit down and read through your builders quote. This can be quite a confusing time when confronted with so many new terms and a whole new language. There are two we receive the most questions about, so I thought it a good time to run through them again.

TBWUnderstanding Your Builders Quote

PC and PS What’s The Difference

PC Items

PC stands for Prime Cost items. This is a financial allowance in the contract of a specified sum, to be used to pay for an item such as a bath tub or the appliances. The reason a PC might be specified rather than an actual item allowed for, is often the client has not yet chosen what they might like, so the builder will allow a reasonable sum to cover this item, giving the client the freedom to choose what they would like, all while know how much is covered by their contract. If the item chosen is less expensive, the builder is then responsible for crediting the client with the difference, likewise if the item chosen is more expensive, the client is responsible for paying the builder the difference.

PS Items

PS stands for Provisional Sum items. Provisional sums are a financial allowance in the contract usually for bigger items such as electrical works or kitchens. Again this sum allows the client to make choices within the allowed budget, knowing that if the works are less expensive, they will receive a credit and more expensive they will be responsible for paying the difference to the builder. Provisional sums are typically written into the contract where an item is not standard or has not yet been decided on, for example, we have a contract at the moment for an extension, in which the client had no idea what style of kitchen they would require. When the contract was signed, we allowed a PS of $25k, however now that the kitchen has been completed, the client having chosen a very simple kitchen is now entitled to a refund of approximately $6k.

Being custom builders at Fernbrooke Homes, we typically use both PC and PS items in most of our contracts. Project builders rarely use these allowances, specifically because they have ranges for clients to select from. For some people that process is much simpler, for others they prefer the flexibility of a custom builder.

Don’t forget to read my tips on comparing quotes, once all your quotes are in. It is very rare to find 2 builders who have quoted on exactly the same thing.

Have you ever had the opportunity to read a quote from a builder? Did you find the language confusing? Is there another term you would like me to explain?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh hahhaha! Our builders quote from 3 months ago makes so much more sense now. He kept saying PCs. I had NFI what that meant but assumed my hubby did.

    1. Ha! Love that I could clarify that for you. Any other terms you’d like help with?

  2. I think I’ve mentioned before our recent reno was an exercise in what not to do – this makes sense now – not that our builder was particularly up on his paperwork either!

    1. Like all other industries, builders come in all shapes, sizes and communication levels ? xx

  3. This will certainly be helpful for so many. Contracts of any sort with their abbreviations can be tricky!

    1. So very true!

  4. Lordy, I very happily let my husband take care of any of this sort of business. Great summary for those who need to be in the know though ?

    1. You were particularly blessed with your gorgeous build. Your Hubby did a great job, though I am sure you were more involved than you give credit for. xx

  5. Oh, I had no idea – thanks so much !

    1. You are most welcome x

  6. I’m so glad I read this! We are not in a position to renovate (or do the knock-down re-build that I’m dreaming of) yet, but when the time comes I just know I’m going to see those terms and think of your post and thank god that I read blogs!

    1. There are so many different terms that as non-builders we are not aware of. I’m glad this information can help xx

  7. This is such handy information to have. I would have had no idea.

    1. Thanks Jess xx

  8. I had no idea… But I do now. I think this info will come in very handy one day!

    1. You never know what is just around the corner ? xx

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