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Rain, Rain Go Away!

Rain, Rain Go Away!


On the weekend we were finally blessed in South East Queensland with some beautiful soaking rain. I could hear the barren earth quietly singing as the gift from above nurtured its soul, and I could also hear tortured husband/builder by my side not sleeping, tossing and turning and then pacing all day. Why?

It’s all about perspective, for us, rain brings potential problems, delays, water damage, high winds, mud, glorious mud, deliveries being held up, but most importantly delays, delays, delays and the re-scheduling it takes to counteract the delay.

Rain for a builder creates stress and drama, as we try to keep your job running on schedule. We book our trades in, for a precise date, weeks in advance, we are not the only builder most of our trades work for, and each other builder has a schedule to keep as well. It is often a nightmare to reschedule in a short period of time, the tradies mostly only ever book out the required amount of days for each job, before booking in the next. A little bit of rain can push things back potentially by weeks, which always leads to disappointment for the client. Delays then also mean that we are out of pocket until the next stage of the now delayed job is rescheduled. With big jobs comes big risk and we are carrying big debt until invoices are paid.

So with this little insight, you can see why builder/hubby doesn’t sleep, why he tosses and turns, even though nature is sighing with relief.

What simple gifts, bring you much stress?

Nicole xx

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