Queenslander Style-Inspired Space

Let’s take a look at the basic style of a Queenslander home. There are many variations of this style, but all include similar basic features. Mostly build in the days before air-conditioning, Queenslanders are built to capture the Summer breeze, with wide verandahs, and long hallways to create ventilation cross flow. Uncomplicated in style, a typical Queenslander started its life with a long hallway that the bedrooms, lounge and kitchen all ran off.

The most notable feature of a Queenslander are the beautiful verandahs and decks, typically wrapping half to all the way around the home.


I spent my childhood playing in this home at Woody Point at Redcliffe. The owners moved her onto the block, and dressed her beautifully. It has the most amazing views of the ocean.


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This beauty is located in Esk, where I worked for many years. Her verandahs are stunning!


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This newly built Queenslander, encapsulates the typical features of the Queensland style.


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Long Inviting hallways to provide airflow and lead you to the back of the home where the kitchen was usually located. Stained glass features, wide floor boards, huge skirting boards, and intricate cornice are all features true to the Queenslander, though not always typical.


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Fret work, is another beautiful part of a Queenslander, as seen here midway above the hallway.

Living in Queensland, a Queenslander is perfect for our family, having lived in both modern and heritage Queenslander, I can say with confidence, those older architects certainly knew what they were doing.

Are you a fan of Queenslanders? Which features do you admire the most?

Nicole xxx


14 Responses to Queenslander Style-Inspired Space

  1. I love the stained glass and those verandahs, just so dreamy.

  2. Your childhood home is beautiful! I’ve never lived in a Queenslander but I love the character they have & would love a house with a gorgeous wrap around verandah.

    • nicole says:

      I wish it was my home, we just spent every weekend there for year. The previous owners were my Mum and Dad’s good friends. The verandah’s are the best!

  3. Emily says:

    I love how the bedroom doors often open on to the verandas and the big old kitchens that the whole family fits in. Those lovely long halls and timber floors are also a favourite

    • nicole says:

      Oh the timber floors are my favourite too! So easy to clean, warm in winter cool in summer, there is nothing I love more than a Queenslander. xxx

  4. Erin says:

    I’m a fan of verandahs, any. Actually think I like the newer model best, encapsulates all that is good about the traditional with a new look

  5. Those beautiful Queenslanders make me want to move to Queensland! My cousins lived in Bris Vegas when we were kids and we loved their house on stilts! x

  6. I love the look of an old Qlder but not the work involved for the upkeep. Love all your pictures. x

  7. I’m in love with that newly built one. We just started the renovation on our Queenslander this week. It’s a 1950’s style though so doesn’t have quite the same character but does have lovely decks and catches the breeze (I hope!). Thanks for the inspiration. x

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