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Pushing the Boundaries & Accepting Imperfections

Pushing the Boundaries & Accepting Imperfections

I don’t think I have a greater critic than myself. I have always been hard on myself. I used to think this was a good thing, that it drove me to push myself to my limits, however all it did was set me up to fail. There is no perfect. Striving to reach something that doesn’t exist, created more anxiety than was ever wanted, needed or helpful. I felt I was living a life of failure.

I cannot remember the catalyst for change, though in August last year, I decided I wanted to get back into public speaking. My fear of failure, had been holding me back and I had done nothing to achieve this. While blogging and attending blogging events had pushed my boundaries, I still did not feel the confidence to really tackle this challenge. It was my looming 40th birthday that really made me stop and think. Is this all there was to be of me, did I really want anxiety and the fear of failure to rule my life?

No, I didn’t and so I set about organizing my first live event. November 5th last year, I hosted with my good friend Nikki from nooks and cranny, and Angela from Interior Solutions Brisbane, my first ever live event. It was a great night, and the feedback I received gave me the confidence to keep it going. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be at that time. November though is shaping up to be my comeback month. I am presenting at Coffee With Kirsten, was asked juts last week if I could speak to the Grade 8 cohort at my step daughters school, and in a couple of weeks, I will be speaking at a HIA function.


November 18th is the 2016 HIA Women in Building Industry Lunch & Panel Discussion, on which I will be a panel member and presenting a 15 minute speech on my role in the industry. This is an event you can all join me at. Tickets are available to everyone HIA members or otherwise.

Enjoy lunch with friends, colleagues & other industry professionals at this year’s Women in Industry Lunch. Be inspired by amazing women that represent various roles & sectors of the building & construction industry – speakers will share life journey, challenges and achievements.

Relax, enjoy and be entertained over lunch in the Garden Marquee at the Victoria Park Golf Club. To book your tickets ph. HIA 3021 8800 or Click here to book

I am very excited to join my fellow speakers, Fi Shewring, Leasa Gill, and Ros Hemly. While I am so nervous about all my speaking opportunities, I am slowly learning to accept my imperfections and be ok with who I am and the best I can do. For me the best way to do this is by pushing through those boundaries and accepting the outcome.

Will you be joining me at the HIA Women in Building Industry lunch? What challenges have you overcome?

Nicole xx




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  1. Good on you for putting yourself out there Nicole. Public speaking isn’t easy but I bet that many people have and will benefit from hearing you speak

  2. You’re definitely the right woman for the job, your skills are immeasurable – and is your patience! Knock their socks off lovely. But I’ll tell you this on person on Saturday! xx

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