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Project Managers – What Are They?

Project Managers – What Are They?

I am contacted often by readers who are undertaking a build or a renovation and are concerned that they do not have a project manager, that is until I explain what they are. So what are project managers, and do you need one?

Project Manager – What Are They?

The definition of project manager is

the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project

There can be a lot of confusion around this role on residential jobs. Once a client has an understanding of what they are, often its a self answering question. If you are building or renovating with a builder, your builder nearly always fulfills this role.

In larger companies, you may have a nominated ‘building supervisor’ who fills this role for your job. In most custom builds or renovations, your builder will be your project manager.

Your builder/project manager is responsible for the planning and then the scheduling and overseeing of the job. They will take your job from the plans you’ve had drawn, and turn it into a reality.

In some cases, your architect may wish to be included in your job as your project manager. This is an increasing practice, and in most cases the architect will have a fully assembled team to work with them, as most building companies prefer not to work in this capacity.

If you were to undertake your own project, you could fill this role yourself, or hire someone externally to do so on your behalf.

Every job requires someone to keep the job running on target, to be responsible for the communication and the delivery of the completed job. It does require a good level of understanding as to how the job needs to be carried out, and shouldn’t be considered by someone who hasn’t any experience within construction.

Have you considered owner building your home? How was your experience with your project manager?

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