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Preparing For An Open Home

Preparing For An Open Home

In only a few short sleeps, our home will be open to the public by invitation of The Great Houses of Ipswich program. While both The Builder and I are very excited, we have been super, super busy trying to pull this all together. Getting our home ready for the 1000 or so people who will tour Pen Y Llechwedd, has really been no different to what it takes to get your home ready for an open day when on the market. Here are my tips for getting ready.

Preparing For An Open Home – My Tips

Street Appeal is King

Most opinions are made about your property within the first look, street appeal is essential. Tidy the garden, touch up the paint if necessary. Fix broken fences or gates, do what is necessary to make a great first impression. At Pen Y Llechwedd, we have changed some of our paint colours, taken the fence back to a picket fence similar to the original one, we have spent months nurturing our plants to be on show for the day, and the weeks prior. In our case on such a busy street, adding to our street appeal has added to the buzz around our property.

TBW open home


While there will be many people who come to the open day because they know who we are and would like to see how we live, it is important not to have too many personal items laying around. Likewise when potentially selling your home, strip back the layers, so that the home has the opportunity to shine. When selling your home, family photos, awards trophies etc, should all be packed away. For our open day, some of these will remain in place, however the common every day clutter will be stowed away.


Create a Mood

For each home the mood you wish to create will be different. For us, the top floor will be quite traditional, to do this, we will have classical music playing, formal arrangements of flowers, the fireplace will be lit, and lighting kept to a minimum. The lower floor will be all fun and childlike to reflect the use of the space, with bright lighting and a fun scented candle. We are keen for our visitors to enjoy our garden as well, so we have a coffee van coming, a pop up shop and a jazz band playing for part of the day as well. The way people feel in your home is just as important as anything else.


Get Help

We have built a large team around us to ensure we have everything ready on the day, from our landscape team, to our amazingly talented florist, our carpenter Luke, my right hand woman Kate and my very best friend and lifestyle maker (cleaner) Gena, we are all working together this week to make the day memorable for our guests.

Opening your home under any circumstances can be stressful and exhausting, but if done right, will produce the best results.

Is your home currently on the market? Thinking about hosting an open day? Will we see you on Saturday?

Nicole xxx




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  1. You’ve put so much time, effort and love into having your home ready for Saturday. Your visitors are so lucky. What an amazing day it’s going to be!

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes xxx

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