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Popular Curtain Styles For Your Home

Popular Curtain Styles For Your Home

I love the way curtains can completely transform a room. Not only do they have an impact on the heating and cooling of your home, but they can also add drama and flair to any space. Curtains or drapes are a tool often used by interior decorators to complete a room. There are many different curtain styles, with some more popular than others. Let’s take a look at my favourite styles.

Popular Curtain Styles Perfect For Your Home

Curtains come in many styles, to ensure the perfect fit for your home. Not only can you vary the style, but you can add your own touches by selecting the heading type to perfectly suit your home and style.

Curtain Styles

Sheer Curtains

sheer curtain

If you are looking to add a romantic and soft feel to your room, sheer curtains are a fantastic option for creating the mood without sacrificing natural light. Soft, floaty and dreamy, this is a style I use often in bedrooms and living rooms.

Sheer curtains work well for all decorating styles, from Coastal all the way through to Traditional and everything in between. A true classic that won’t date.

Curtains And Drapes


Curtains or drapes are a timeless classic that will complete any room, regardless of decorating style. With so many fabric choices, curtains can be both functional and beautiful. Not only will curtains act as an insulator, but they can also function as heavy block-outs to ensure a good nights rest. Your curtain choice can be lined for practical benefit without detracting for the appearance of the product.

Curtains and drapes can be used in all areas of the home, including, living, dining, bedrooms and theatre rooms.

Heading Types

Pinch Pleat

pinch pleat curtain

I’ve used double and triple pinch pleat in my home, to add extra fabric and therefor fullness to our curtains. Pinch pleat curtains offer a traditional style, that can work with many home decorating styles. With pinch pleat comes extra fabric, which works best with solid colours or bold patterns.

S Fold

s fold curtain

Looking for a contemporary style of curtain, S Fold is for you! These curtains work perfectly where you don’t have the space for bulk. While certainly a feature, when opened, they don’t detract from the window or view as the slime line S Fold avoids bulky material build-up.


eyelet curtain

Eyelet curtains will add drama to any room, these curtains become a feature of their own. Using eyelet curtains allows you to make a statement with the curtain rod or hardware as well, as they are always threaded on a pole. Perfect for use throughout the home, especially where you’d like to make them a feature.

Pencil Pleat

pencil pleat curtain

Pencil pleat is like the refined cousin of the pinch pleat. These curtains will give you the full effect without all the bulk that can come with pinch pleat. This relaxed style of curtain comes in two heading styles, the traditional pencil pleat and a deep pencil pleat that will add more drama to the top of the curtain.

Rod & Pocket

eyelet curtain rod and pocket curtain

Rod and pocket curtains are, as they say, a pocket is created in the fabric which is then used to hang the curtain. Again you can create flair by choosing a rod with a decorative finial. These work well as a traditional style, especially when layered with sheers or other window treatments. You could also use this style of curtain with a pelmet for a totally different look. (Note the doorway curtain in this picture is the rod and pocket style)

If you’d like to know more about purchasing some curtains for your home, check out this handy curtain buying guide. I can highly recommend the power of a good set of curtains to add that professional finish to your home.

Are you in the market for a new set of curtains? Do you have curtains in your home?

Nicole xx

This post has been written in collaboration with Victory Curtains and Blinds. All images have been kindly provided by my favourite fabric house, Zepel Fabrics.




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