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Planning My Day

Planning My Day

Work life balance is really important to our family. It’s one of the reasons I work for myself rather than for someone else. I prefer to have the opportunity to get up and work at 4am in order to be able to be there when the kids need me. Planning my day can be tricky, but as always I use a paper diary to keep me on top of all I need to do, but that is not all I use.

Planning My Day

I’ve used lots of different planners or diaries over the last 8 years in business for myself, I like a day to a page, A5 size with a combined weekend page. I have chosen a ‘pretty’ diary this year and while it still isn’t quite perfect, it’s very close.

What has caught my interest this year, is planner stickers. Holy moly, I had no idea how popular these are, or how much I would enjoy using them. Adding stickers to my diary, helps to keep me motivated, keeps a little pretty in my life on a daily basis, and assists in ease of use of the planner as the visual reminders are easy to see.

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Previously I have used one planner for everything, but this year I have had to extend to 2 planners. I have my personal planner for all things that impact my day, and a family planner for the kids and us.

Now that they are all teenagers, and every one of them has their school and social sports as well as their work and other commitments, the planner is more valuable than ever. In the family planner I list appointments that might prevent The Builder or myself from being home when the kids get home, it is also where I do my meal planning which is great for putting a stop to the question, “Whats for dinner”?

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The Builder and I cross check out planners daily and if we make a new appointment, we are sure to send an email with the details to one another, so we don’t double book ourselves. My first task in the morning before I begin my day, is to check over our planners to help prepare my mind for what is coming.

I am a visual and tactile person so keeping a paper diary works perfectly for me.

How do you plan your day? Do you use electronic or paper?

Nicole xxx



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  1. Have you seen these? They are so gorgeous, and awesome ? http://www.passionplanner.com/dated-2018

  2. I’m all over the place – I have a diary, a paper calendar and hubby and I share a google calendar! I must consolidate, the pretty stickers are a great incentive. Which planner do you use?

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