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Planning A Master Bathroom – 7 Tips For Functional Space

Planning A Master Bathroom – 7 Tips For Functional Space

Creating a functional yet gorgeous master bathroom takes careful planning of all the elements, for it to come together seamlessly. Regardless of your budget, planning your master bathroom will require consideration of all the same key points, and when thought out carefully your bathroom design will be sure to keep you happy for years to come.

Planning A Master Bathroom


At the forefront of planning your master bathroom the space you have to work with is to be considered. Draw a plan of the room, with the fixtures and fittings out, but mark out the current plumbing and electrical locations, along with the doors and windows. Now you have your rough plan ready to play.

Handy Tip, Create the master plan on a sheet of A4 paper then have it laminated. You can then use whiteboard markers to get creative without the need for destroying the master plan.

Focal Point

With any bathroom you should have a gorgeous focal point as you look in the door. Commonly this is the vanity, as it is usually the biggest ticket item, a gorgeous freestanding bath can also be used as a stunning focal point.

Sometimes, your door may need to be moved to allow the space to open up for the vanity, as was the case with our own master bathroom.

Inside Out


If your master bathroom has a toilet in the same room, rather than behind a door or in a separate space, make hiding the toilet one of your key elements. Sure we all have them in our home, but no one wants to see them in a gorgeous space. Think nib walls, concealing it next the vanity or pop it behind the bathroom doors for options to keep your toilet out of the immediate view of the eye.

Cablik Entrerprises Via Houzz


Not all of us can fit a large vanity into our ensuite space, but storage still needs to be carefully considered when planning our master bathroom. Choose the biggest vanity you are able to, or find another way to incorporate some extra storage into your bathroom.


Inside Out


There is so much innovative technology that is creating easier products for us to clean. Frameless or semi-frameless shower screens are one of these to be thought about. In our case we have no glass in our shower at all. We simply used the fall in our shower tiling to ensure that the water doesn’t flow out onto the main bathroom floor.

Toilets are also another area in which technology has seem an improvement in cleaning both in and around the toilet. Take some time to really consider this often looked over item.

Finishing Touches

Home Beautiful

The first thing you notice about this bathroom is the tiles on the back wall, then the vanity before your eye finally takes in the rest of the space.

Once you have the base of your master bathroom design planned out, you can get to work on the finishing touches, namely tile and colours choices. Tapware, lighting and mirrors. If working in small or narrow spaces, use tiles or colour to draw the eye to the futherest point, which will elongate the room.

In small bathrooms, floating vanities will give the illusion of extra space, while well placed, large mirrors can work wonders in a dark room.

Get Planning

Now that you have considered all the elements of your master bathroom, you can successfully plan your ensuite space. Using the tip above of having your master plan laminated, you can plan and change as many times as you need to get the space right. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with friends or family, as you’d be surprise how fresh eyes can see the space differently.

Handy Tip, Take time to create your new design, don’t rush in and made decisions immediately.

We shared our master bathroom plan with the Undercover Architect who suggested moving our door, which unlocked space to hide the toilet and ensure our vanity took pride of place. We had become stale in our own design and this one idea was instrumental in creating the perfect room.

master bathroom planning

With careful planning, your master bathroom can be a luxurious and functional space, regardless of your budget.

Do you have a renovation planned for your master bathroom? Do you like feature tiles? Sick of cleaning shower screens?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I love that you have no glass screen on your shower – those things are a bugger to clean! Some of these bathrooms are so swoonsome!

    1. It’s the best! I highly recommend it!!

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