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Pen Y Llechwedd

Pen Y Llechwedd


Our home has a history, a past and a story to share. We are going to great lengths to find this history, in order to share it with you. It seems just about everyone we meet, knows of our house and of someone who has lived there. There is such beauty; I cannot wait to find out the story behind how it came to be. I have managed to learn a little about the name of our home.

“Pen Y Llechwedd” The only thing we knew about our home when we bought it, was that the name sounded Welsh. Fortunately we have some family friends who are Welsh and on consultation, confirmed that the name is indeed Welsh. “Llechwedd” is a town in Wales, and “Pen Y” means something like “from a hilltop”. Our friends explained that the name together suggested, “The view from a hill over the town of Llechwedd”.

We were thrilled with this explanation and did some research of our own. “Llechwedd” is a mining town, similar to Ipswich, only they mined for Slate, and Ipswich mined for coal. Our house is perched on top of a hill, and looks over the town of Ipswich, which lead us to speculate, that perhaps the original owners were reminded of the view from their home town in Wales.

With a little bit more research, I was lead to the most fascinating website, which proclaims that the house was actually named after the home of the original owners parents, back home in Wales. How exciting this discovery was, we feel such a connection to how the original owners must have felt so far from home. Can you imagine how lonely they must have been when they first arrived in the country? How hot the summers would have been for them after coming out from Wales?

You can feel the history of this home as you walk in off the street; she has such a commanding presence. We are so pleased to be piecing together her history, so that we may honour and celebrate her as we renovate her back to the splendid glory she deserves.

Does your home have a history? Do you have any history websites you could share?

Nicole xx

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  1. What a lovely reasoning behind the homes name ? I always thought it an odd name, but now it makes perfect sense ?
    It is funny that you say everyone does seem to know someone or another who has lived there, as you know my inlaws (Karen) Aunty & Uncle lived there. My home is old, also in Ipswich.. But doesn’t have the majesty of a Queenslander,, but in it’s ‘smaller’ form (it’s had many add on’s since being original) we were always told it was the first Rail Cottage to be built in Ipswich, which is nice to think of also (particularly when cursing at all the maintenance of owning an old home) Lol. Looking forward to watching the reno’s unfurl xx

    1. We are so spoilt in Ipswich, Danielle, we have so many firsts. How exciting to think that you house was the first Rail Cottage. Have you done any research into it? The library is a wealth of knowledge, and a great deal of their information you can now find online. I hope to interview Karen at some stage to add her memories into the blog. That family was in the home for such a long time, I am sure they will have many stories to share. Thank you for sharing in our story xxx

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