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Pen Y Llechwedd-Week 12

Lots of seeming little things happening around here in the last few weeks.

Now that we are looking after our own interior decorating, we have taken a big change in direction, so this week has seen, new fabric selections and new furniture selections. That was so much fun! A little bit like clothes shopping for your house. We’ve decided to keep the selections secret until we have the furniture in place, so that you can see it all put together, instead of bits and pieces……….


Last week saw the machinery back to tidy up the mess in the back yard. It has given us so much more space, and has also got us thinking differently about what we would like to do with a pool.

On the original plans we had drawn, we thought we would extend the house at the back, to add a new kitchen, with casual dining area upstairs, and a bar and pool room downstairs. The pool was then to extend from there, with a glass fence, so that it felt part of the pool room.


This couple weeks has also seen a great deal more socialising with the neighbours ?


And plenty of time to just love where we live!

All in all, a wonderful few weeks of little bits and pieces here and there, that will contribute to a big change as it all comes together. How has your week been?

Nicole xxx




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