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Pen y Llechwedd – An Update on Our Changes

Pen y Llechwedd – An Update on Our Changes

As I have previously spoken about, our Pen Y Llechwedd being selected by The Great Houses of Ipswich program was invited to open on Saturday 13th May from 10am until 4pm. We have been busily preparing for our most welcome visitors with a thorough clean, spit and polish and a few changes have been made as well.

Our daughter moved to the UK in February, which left her bedroom vacant. When the children of the original owners came to visit last year, they told us that this room was previously the ‘Breakfast Room’. With our daughter moving we have been able to make a big change and restore this room back to it’s former glory. Out went her furniture, we have moved the door, freshened the paint and we are currently waiting on the furniture we have ordered to come off the production line, ready to decorate this space.

TBW Pen Y Llechwedd

This is a during photo. The original door site, is on the far left out of picture. This picture shows the cut out in the wall ready for framing and doors.

Earlier in the year we made big changes to our front facade, with the old brick fence being replaced with a timber picket fence similar to the original one. These last few weeks we have begun working on another change, freshening up the colours. This was long overdue and although we did really love the colour scheme that she was dressed in, it didn’t reflect our personality.

TBW Fabric Choices

One of my most exciting changes to date, has been the constant changes in our backyard. We have quite a big block, however out the back it drops away. When we first purchased our home, the backyard was neglected, so overgrown and covered in vine, we had no idea what was under it. After weeks of clearing we found the bones of a garden that had been lovingly built many years before. While nearly all of the plants had died, some of the retaining walls and paths still remained. This gave us the opportunity to landscape this space and last week we added a feature that is a real dream come true for me. We now have a running stream. This week we are finalising this area by adding a sitting deck next to the stream. Such a dreamy space for our family.

TBW Pen Y Llechwedd 1

We have a few other surprises to share with you all on the day, but those will remain surprises until you are all here. I do hope you will join us, we very much look forward to meeting you and sharing our home with you.

Nicole xxx



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  1. Love love. Can’t wait!!!

  2. How exciting, and nothing like adding your personality to make it more you xxx

    1. Thank you Em. xxx

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