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Pen Y Llechwedd – An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd – An Update

Our Pen Y Llechwedd had quite a week last week. She had the opportunity to put her best dress on, and get all fancied up ready for a little photo shoot. It has always been my dream to renovate our home to a standard worthy of a magazine, and this dream has been siting on my intention board for years. To achieve this one, is a real bucket list tick a life achievement.

Pen Y Llechwedd looked absolutely stunning on Friday as my friends Rachel and Hannah weaved their special kind of magic. I was flattered that little changes to each of our spaces needed to be made, and proud that the photos that will be featured, are of our home as she is, day in and day out. Ok well, maybe at her shiniest best, there are certainly days in which she looks like a tornado hit ?

I will be keeping the photos a surprise until they feature in the mag, I do promise to give you all plenty of notice of when the mag is coming out, until then here are a few of the shots I took randomly on the day.







Have any of your dreams come true? Do you use an intention board? Which do you prefer, cats or dogs?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Such a beautiful home! Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Leanne, we love her xx

  2. Congratulations on achieving this dream! I can only imagine how good the mag photos will look! These ones are amazing already! Your home is lovely!

    1. Thank you Ingrid. Much appreciated xx

  3. I want to move to your place! It’s so beautiful Nicole. Can’t wait to see the mag photo’s! ? xo

    1. You would be very welcome Min, would love to have you xx

  4. She’s just gorgeous!! Can’t wait for the magazine!

    1. Thank you Cat xx

  5. I’m going to do an intention board when I come back from holidays. I read that you need to feel what you put on there so that it helps you work towards it and it stays true to your values. Not sure if that sounds wishy washy but I get the general gist of it. I can’t wait to see the magazine. How very exciting your house will be featured. x

    1. There is very little that I have on my intention board that I have not achieved, they are well worth the time it takes to create! xx

  6. I have an intention board that I mostly have out. I love your verandah! Always looks so inviting. I could do a summer Sunday session on that chair.

    1. I would LOVE for you to do a Summer Sunday session on the deck with us xx

  7. Oh it looks fabulous – I can’t wait to see the magazine shoot! And you know me, I’m definitely a dog person ?

    1. Love puppies too! xx

  8. That’s so exciting. Your images look lovely and I’m sure the mag shots will be fabulous. I particularly love what you’ve done with the bathroom.

    1. Thanks Kathy, I am totally smitten with the ensuite. xx

  9. OMG that is awesome! You are living my dream. LOL!! Unfortunately I have no chance of getting my house featured anywhere until we get rid of the 8 different ugly floor coverings in our home. Vinyl, carpet, tiles. You name it. Everything except lovely floorboards….

    1. Oh thank you lovely xx

  10. Cats all the way x

    1. I had a feeling you would say that ?

  11. How exciting for you!!! I absolutely love your house. It is definitely my style. I just love those big verandahs and great entertaining areas x

    1. Thank you Renee, I am so super excited xx

  12. Oh just gorgeous, it looks so homey and comfortable. I’m a dog AND cat person. ?

    1. Thank you! I am a lover of both also. xx

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