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Pen Y Llechwedd – The May 2016 Update

Pen Y Llechwedd – The May 2016 Update

The end of May marks 2 years since we bought our beautiful Queenslander. Two wonderful delightfully happy years, of hard work and bliss. In two years, we have renovated and extended to fit our family of 7. We totally transformed downstairs to accommodate 4 of our 5 children, we renovated the gorgeous library, master bedroom, living and dinning areas. But we are only part way there.

Next will be our ensuite and to finalise our plans so that the real extension can begin. So much yet to do, despite it all, she is a real pleasure to live in. More than a house, a real forever home. A sanctuary for us all, I look forward to our kids bringing their own children home in years to come.

Hopefully by Christmas we can add our pool and pool house, temporarily finalise our garden, and begin planning for the major extension that we would love to get started on early next year. For now though, I am happy to spend Winter resting in her gorgeous Queenslander rooms before the rush of Spring and Summer.


There are so many different angles to admire our old girl on. This one showing predominately our master bedroom is one of my favourite.


We’ve given the bedroom a little freshen up with some new cushions. The blue colour is such a happy colour, it brings a smile to my face every time I walk into the room.


The lounge was rewarded for it’s beauty with a new side table to keep the layering of the room going. Still more to come however, to really make the room homely and warm.


The dinning room becomes so much brighter in the Autumn as the sun swings around. That window seat is my favourite in the mornings at this time of year.


The backyard is beautiful and green, but only because we haven’t yet stopped watering it. I find brown grass such a depressing outlook, that the cost of water seems small for an improved state of mind. You can just make out the white painted line that marks the side of the planed pool.


Here you can see a little more of the planned pool site. The kids are all so excited by the thought of a pool again. We all miss the family time in the pool. Lot’s of palm trees to cull before we can get started though.

Pen Y Llechwedd, had visitors this week, with one of the original occupants returning home to share his stories, but more on that in the weeks to come, including how the name was not even Kingston ?

Does your house have a name? Did you grow up with a pool? Any tips on pool planning?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Oh the house is looking as fabulous as I remember. It loved my little tour! You created such an ace space downstairs, I will have to invite myself back when the pool is finished! Coming from the UK and having learned everything I knew about Australia from watching “Neighbours”, I thought every house in Australia came with a pool! I was so surprised (not to mention disappointed) when I realised this wasn’t the case! I know your pool will be totally cool!

  2. Such a beautiful home and I can’t wait to see more transformations as they unfold. I know so many people wanting to put pools in. Before I know it, my girls will be harping for a pool but we can’t fit one in our backyard. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the history of your home too. It’s all so very interesting. x

    1. So much History to share, we will have a little next week. xx

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