Pen Y Llechwedd The Autumn Update

Autumn has arrived, though only by date, it is still so warm here. The humidity is off the charts! But the light at the end of the day, is starting to dull just that little bit earlier, it’s becoming lazy in the mornings, preferring to hit the snooze button for a minute or two.

Any day now the temperature will begin to drop ever so slightly at first, and then more dramatically soon after and the way we live in our home will begin to change.

Pen Y Llechwedd Autumn

Gone will be the early morning coffee’s on the front deck, as the cool breeze chills our toes.


On come the lamps ever so early, to ease our way into the evening.


Back will come the throw rugs on the bed, to bring a sense of warmth back into our bedroom space.


Flowers will be a little harder to find, and fresh green foliage will take it’s place.

I love the way we live in our home to suit the season, it is not something I have embraced before, preferring to lock myself away as the cold Winter approaches. Last year in our Pen Y Llechwedd, brought about a whole new way to live, an experience uniquely ours.

Do you change the way you live in your home as the seasons change? Are you a fan of throw rugs?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Such a beautiful post Nicole. I love seeing pictures of Pen Y Llechwedd. Despite the cool change that will come, your home is so cosy and inviting. I’m starting to have a throw rug infatuation. I love to have different ones thrown around the place… but they can be so thick to keep in storage when not in use.

  2. That verandah, that cat! Adorable. Can just see myself, sitting on the verandah, cat curled up on my lap – it’s such a gorgeous space Nicole!

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