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Pen Y Llechwedd – The Open Day Debrief

Pen Y Llechwedd – The Open Day Debrief

Opening your home to the public could be considered by some to be a daunting process, for us however, we were tremendously excited to be able to share our little piece of history with those who also admire her. When first approached about the possibility of opening our home, it was shared with us that we should expect anywhere from 800 – 1000 people. That’s a lot of people, but we were reassured that in the 5 years of events there had never been any kind of issue. So that became less of a problem for us, we were able just to set a job list and get ready to go. What actually happened on the day, was that we welcomed almost double that number of people, and there is simply no way of understanding prior to the event, just what that would look like. There were times during the day, in which you simply could not move from one room to another. The rooms would then burst at the seems, and then our visitors could flow through the house again. I am wonderfully proud to be able to report, that even with that many people coming through our private home, we had not one problem, no issues at all.

When you are perfectionists like us, a LOT of time goes into preparing your home for display to others. This was not done by us alone, we were fortunate to have wonderful helpers and contributors that helped our Pen Y Llechwedd shine her very best. We had a couple of stand out helpers, who I would like to mention today and share in my thanks to them.


I approached a couple of local florists to help us with flowers, however they were either too busy with previous bookings, or simply not interested, this lead me to asking my good friends Kirsty and Amy from Bespoke Bride, to assist with the flowers on the day. I gave Kirsty a pretty loose brief, of classical style, using plenty of white flowers and green foliage. To say I was overwhelmed by what the girls put together for the day, would be an understatement. There were flowers for just about every room, sometimes several arrangements, and a gorgeous display outside as well.

TBW Flowers Collage

TBW Flowers 12

TBW Flowers 11

TBW Flowers 6

TBW Flowers 8

TBW Flowers 14

TBW Flowers 10

TBW Flowers 7

TBW Flowers 13

These are only a small selection of what was on display on the day. The girls put so much time, effort and love into what they produced, the thanks we have given them just simply did not seem adequate.

If you are interested in contacting Kirsty and Amy you can do so via Facebook, Instagram and their website, Bespoke Bride.

What are your favourite fresh flowers? Do you like to have flowers in your home?

Nicole xxx

** This is not a sponsored post, The Builder and I were just so overwhelmed by the love and attention to detail that Kirsty and Amy showed, we felt that a simple thank you was not enough, and that sharing is caring. xx

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  1. Wow! So many people and so many beautiful blooms! I think Kirsty and Amy totally outdid themselves. I love flowers and right now my mum’s house is full of them because, Mother’s Day! I can’t wait to see more of what went down at open house!

    1. I just love fresh flowers, and have really enjoyed these last couple of weeks living with the remnants of the day ? xx

  2. Oh Nicole it looks wonderful. Flowers really make a difference and the girls did a wonderful job xx

    1. Thank you Kylie, they sure did xx

  3. Congratulations – we visited on Saturday, loved everything about your home and the garden to bits! What a great job you have done. Kirsty and Amy did a beautiful job with the wonderful flower displays as well! xx

    1. Thank you Charmaine! and thank you for visiting. xx

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