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Pen Y Llechwedd - Not Quite As We Know It - The Builder's Wife

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Pen Y Llechwedd – Not Quite As We Know It

Pen Y Llechwedd – Not Quite As We Know It

After my feature in the Sunday Mail at the beginning of the year, we were contacted by lots of people who knew of our house. One of these people was particularly special and had insights we knew nothing about. This person would visit our home, Pen Y Llechwedd, often on a Sunday to share a lunch with his family in what was called the breakfast room, now known as the eldest child’s bedroom.

A friendship of sorts was struck and this wonderful gentleman is set to visit our Pen Y Llechwedd in a few days time, to look over our renovations and share in their memories. We are all so excited! While talking via email to and fro, it was revealed that our Pen Y Llechwedd had not always been known as that, she was once a he, Kingston was his name. How very regal.

Just recently we have begun work on finalising our plans for the second stage of our extension. Our thoughts on how we would live in our home and so very different to the way we actually do so, that our extension plans have changed dramatically. You can imagine my delight when an email arrived with a hand drawn copy of the house as it was when our soon to be guest visited as a child. My what a difference to the house as it is now.


There was a maids room, and the kitchen was a quarter the size it is now. The library as we know it, was a bedroom at the time, and our maser bedroom that is now flanked by an ensuite and a walk in robe, was once two bedrooms. Living and dining is as it always was, and downstairs is very similar to the way it was when we first arrived.

It was the change in the yard that had me most excited. We now have a terraced yard, that is how it was when we came, in these plans there was a chicken coop and fruit trees. I cannot imagine how on earth they managed on such a steep block.


We are so very excited to show this family what we have done with our Pen Y Llechwedd and to see what we can learn in turn. I would love to find the time and the reason for such a dramatic name change, as we are considering changing it back to what is was originally.

So many stories to share, I cannot wait to be able to share more with you.

Does your house have a name? If you were to name your home, what would you choose?

Nicole xxx


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  1. This is so interesting Nicole. The history those walls could speak… You have to share more as you learn more. And how interesting about the name change. x

    1. I can’t wait to be able to share some more with you xx

  2. I can’t wait to hear those stories and to see your new ones unfold as you move into the next phase of renos x

    1. Me too Sammie xx

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