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Pen Y Llechwedd Has A Secret

Pen Y Llechwedd Has A Secret

With the publishing of the story about our home and my work, in the Sunday Mail, we have attracted a lot of interest, with plenty of emails, and phone calls both about our home and about our business. The most surprising of all of this interest, came in the form of an email from the grandson of the original owners of our house. It seems that our Pen Y Llechwedd has a secret!


We are in the process of arranging to meet up with the family of the first owners Mr A & Mrs M Johnson, and in doing so, the grandson shared some information that knocked my socks off!

Pen Y Llechwedd, has not always been called that. She had a name before she became Pen Y. This has us most intrigued, why was her name changed, what is the significance, who changed the name?

While chatting about the home we have in common, the grandson also explained that the original purpose of our daughters bedroom was as a breakfast room. We had long thought it was a kitchen, as kitchens were usually built on the veranda’s in older Queenslanders, however knowing that the gorgeous coloured windows were an original feature, fills me with excitement!


This is an old photo to keep the privacy of my daughter. Now being used as a huge bedroom, it is a room of joy and happiness.

One thing is for sure, we are not nearly yet done with learning about our gorgeous home and the people who lived here before us. I look forward to sharing in the stories to come.

Does your home have any secrets? Are you a good secret keeper?

Nicole xxx



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  1. Oh this is incredible Nicole! I love that your home has so much history and stories to tell. How amazing is that, being in touch with the family. Cant wait to hear more x

    1. It was a major factor in the decision to buy the home, we had always wanted something with history. How wonderful it has been to discover that it has some secrets as well. xx

  2. Oooh what fun! We built our house so no hidden secrets there but I’d love to buy an older house with a bit of history one day.

    1. I have had a few brand new homes, and missed the history i read about as a child, buying a house with a story was right up the top of the wish list this time xx

  3. No hidden secrets in our house it is an old housing commission place that we bought of the first family that lived here so in fact our house has only ever had 2 families live in it ever! Though when we were painting our sons room once there was a very spongy bit of plasterboard I suspect it was a hole created by one of the former owners sons!

    Our next door neighbours house is I am certain haunted but that simply could just be my overactive imagination and attachment to the previous owner who very sadly hung herself in the garage and my hubby found her.

    1. Oh how sad, that must have been so difficult for you and your husband. I cannot even imagine. xx

  4. Oh I wish I could edit! I wanted to say that your daughter’s room even empty and I am guessing pre-reno is stunning! I would love some pretty glass work!

    1. The candy coloured glass is amazing in the morning light. She is a very spoilt girl! xx

  5. I love this story and of all the awesome things to come out of the newspaper story, this one must be the most wonderful! Now I’ve seen your house in all it’s splendour and glory in real life, I wonder if only walls could talk, the stories they could tell! Failing that, the grandson will just have to do! ?

    1. I would love to hear the stories of the walls. As a child I used to think that houses would speak inside themselves, now I wish they did xx

  6. Oh how fun to hear from the original owner – it’s great finding out things like that. Unfortunately I’ve never lived in a house old enough to have a real history. Look forward to more stories from the vault!

    1. I am so excited to hear the stories, the original owner was the daughter of the mayor of the town, I am sure there was much merriment to be had in our home at that time.

  7. How did I miss this post? How intriguing! I can’t wait to hear more!

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