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Pen Y Llechwedd -Our Front Door

Pen Y Llechwedd -Our Front Door

We live in a home that holds so much history. It was built by a former mayor for his daughter and son in law. It was designed by Ipswich’s leading architect of the time, George Brockwell-Gill, it has stood the test of time, this year turning 103. Our home has loads of original features and character that is unique to our area, the time it was built and the architect. From original light fittings, to the pressed metal ceilings, to where the markings are still on the ceilings indicating where the rooms were first located. One of my very favourite features, is our front door.


Our front door is stunning. I feel blessed each and every time I walk through it. Tradesman of old really knew what they were doing, when they built, they built it to last. I love the design of the lead light, it’s colours and shapes.



I love the strength of the door, it is such a solid mass.


I love the timber that was selected, it tells a story in itself.

I imagine years gone by, wives carried over the threshold, babies crossing through for the very first time, it ever welcoming presence representing such strength and warmth.

We love our door, one of the original feature I coveted as I drove by all those years ago.

Do you have a decorative front door? What is your favourite feature on your home?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I love your front door – it’s just glorious! We’ve lived in some Victorian houses with the original front doors and I loved the coloured glass and lead light, but none of our doors were as big and beautiful as yours!

  2. Oh how lovely – I love your front door, too! Ours is a replica of the original (which was damaged while renovating) but we put glass panels in rather than just solid timber. Our front hallway was incredibly dark and it’s made a lot of difference! #teamIBOT

  3. I love your homes history – 103 is seriously impressive! The front door is so grand, massive and a masterpiece! My Dad makes lead light, such an old school trade x

  4. I love your door, it is truely stunning. I totally understand the feeling of walking through a beautiful front door, it makes you happy each and every time you enter your house. My french home, front door is a hand carved antique created by a local artisan. We are the custodians of this piece we have been told by local village folk!!

  5. Like all pieces of your beautiful home, your door is stunning. I love how the stained glass is not over the top. Just perfect in itself. I have a big double door but it is pretty boring. On my mental to do list I want to paint it black. ?

  6. Nicole, I have sent you a couple of photos of my front door to your contact email. Hope you like it, although it doesn’t have the stunning stained glass yours does though ?

  7. If the walls could talk in your home, I wonder what stories they could share?! I can’t believe your house is over 100 years old. Well I can believe it but gosh, it’s such a long time for a building to stand and stand she still does. The door is beautiful and looks solid. Favourite feature of my house… I’m not really sure. I love that our main bedroom is away from the kids rooms so I can’t hear them scream when they fight. ?

  8. Oh Nicole, I love love love your house. That door is just amazing. I don’t like our front door, but it will do for now ?

  9. Wow that looks expensive! I read the part about the architect from Ipswich seeing that your from Australia and had to Google Ipswich Australia as i thought you meant the Ipswich here in the UK and wondered what a door would be doing travelling that far ?

    impressive blog i found you on the Amara interior blog awards you should try some outreach for free/reduced products using your site as an incentive and write about things for them ! ?

  10. We have a very boring front door, for now! When we build our dream home out of containers on some awesome block of land that doesn’t exist I’ll have a fabulous one- dreams are free right? xx

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