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Pen Y Llechwedd and the Year to Come

Pen Y Llechwedd and the Year to Come

The New Year is upon us, and just like we set intentions for ourselves, we set intentions for our home. We have a long list of what we would like to achieve this year and have created a separate inspiration board to keep the fire in our bellies. Let me share some of our aims.

A Pool with a Pool House.

This is high on the list now the kids are on holidays and we realise just how much we miss the pool from our previous house. With a family full of teenagers, the battle to keep the kids away from computer games is real. The pool was always an easy fix, the kids would spend hours floating away. This is my number one item on the list, the sooner the better.


This stunning pool house from Georgica Pond is nearly perfect for us! We will have a rectangular formal pool, with a pool house at the end. The roof line will mirror the roof line of the existing house, it will be closed in on two side only with a half wall and then shutters so we can have some control over the weather. I can just see the hours we can spend out here.

New Decks

The whole back end of the house will be extended. We will add two new decks, one upstairs for everyday living and one downstairs for entertaining. The entertaining deck will run off the new pool room and will also open out to the swimming pool and pool house. We seriously lack entertaining space at the moment, and we have a beautiful 100 year old pool table that absolutely must come into the house.

I’ve shown you this image before. It first caught me eye, because the cat is the same breed as our own. It’s the shutters here I really love. We have a gorgeous leafy backyard, but when we put the pool in, we will loose quite a few trees that currently provide much protection and privacy. These shutters will be used on one side of the deck, to give us that privacy back.


Image Source

The bottom deck or entertaining deck will have a full outdoor kitchen. I dream that the bench tops will mirror what we have in the kitchen upstairs, it will have wine fridges, BBQ and because this deck is so far from the internal kitchen, I dream it has a dishwasher so we don’t have to ferry plates etc through the house.

Pool Room

As mentioned above, The Builder has a pool table he bought from his grandfather, that has been in the family for many years. We had a pool room in the previous house made just for this table. We hate having it sit in storage and are really excited to get it back!


Image Source

The pool room is to be masculine without being blokey. We’d prefer a bar we can close off, so that the teenagers can comfortably use the space without temptation. It must be as comfortable for the menfolk as the women who come along. Space for sitting, and bi-fold windows and doors to open out to the garden and entertaining deck.


I have mountains of images to share of the ideal kitchen. Think Hamptons, think white and you are there.


Image Source

Work has already begun on the drawing for this space. I am so excited! I cannot wait to have a butlers pantry. We have plans for a clever little BBQ deck to keep it tidy and away from the eye. The kitchen is the hub of our home, currently we do not have a breakfast bar for the kids to sit at to do homework etc, I really miss this interaction with them. Our new kitchen will enhance our lifestyle so much.


The Builder is most excited to have a garage again. He is most distressed that the cars are left out to the elements everyday. The thought of having a garage again is what keeps him motivated to work his but off and achieve it.




The garage has been designed to look like part of the house rather than a freestanding garage. It will have windows in the automatic door to give the appearance of another wall of the house. Big enough to fit two cars and two trailers so we can finally get everything under roof.


As you can see, if we manage to pull this off, it’s going to be a huge year for our Pen Y Llechwedd. We still have two bathrooms to renovate and the laundry will be done when the downstairs extension is put on. Couple this busy house year, with an already busy start of the year for Fernbrooke Homes and we will be running from one end to the other. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What plans do you have for your home in the New Year? If you could change on thing about your home, what would it be?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I’m excited for you! Imagine a pool and a pool house – how dreamy! I’ve affectionately called our apartment Brown Town, I’d love to transform it to White City… but whether 2016 is the year for the Extreme Makeover remains to be seen! In the meantime, I will renovate vicariously through you!

    1. Ha ha Sammie, you can come and help anytime you like ? Pool will be essential if the children are to get through the next Christmas holidays unharmed ? xx

  2. Nic, I’m absolutely in love with every bit of this. I need to get a vision together for our house. I might just have to steal ask of your ideas!

    1. Steal away Angie, nearly all came via Pinterest……the land of lost time and inspiration. ?

  3. Oh wow love your plans!! Love how the garage will blend in and yes the pool will bring solutions to the computer addictions. Wonderful the pool table has been in the family all that time. Oh kitchen, drool.
    Not sure of the ages of your teens but might not be long before they too have cars, is it the street for them? Our yard can look like a car yard at times with teens and adult children and cars.

    Plans for my house, well now the roof is on none of my internal walls are load bearing and I’m wondering if I can convince my husband to knock out a few walls over the next few days as well as install the two windows awaiting. Then not sure what to prioritise next, wall linings or kitchen, I think the library linings are the first must.

    1. How did you go with getting your walls knocked out Erin? Any action? We had grand plans for the house over the Christmas break, but it ended up being just too busy!! We will be much the same once the younger kids start buying cars, but there is plenty of street parking for them, once finished we should be able to fit the 2 cars, trailers and 2 or 3 of the kids cars in the driveway, so not too bad. ?

      1. Nicole
        Walls are out, what fun!! though as we knew there was one sheet, very small strip of asbestos it complicated things!!
        Yes Christmas is insane, I sometimes think snow would slow us down. Ah sounds like your already have teens with cars.

        1. Asbestos is the thorn in my side! Must be dealt with though, and as you say, when you are prepared it becomes much less of a bother. ?

  4. WOW! It will be a big year if you get all that done plus the building work you have schedule, but gosh I LOVE your plans and I can’t wait to see the results. You will definitely need to have a party once the house is finished. I’m excited thinking about it! x

    1. Aiming high Bec, not sure how we will go, but if we don’t aim for it, it wont happen at all. xx

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  6. Sounds incredible! Looking forward to 2016 updates xx

  7. How exciting! Love the images-so beachy. I am hoping we get a deck around our pool and to update our outdoor lounge area.

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