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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

It occurred to me on the weekend, that what I might see as not much happening with my home, may actually be quite a lot by not builders standards. Being builders, we are used to the hustle and bustle, the rush of a job needing to be completed, however as renovators, this is a little different. Things get done in their own time, with no particular schedule. The things that are bothering us today, are usually the next on the list to get done. For example this week we have been working hard, on our backyard. I have decided to host an Easter lunch under the canopy of our trees, and therefore needed the yard to have some order. The week before last saw the painter here catching up on some gloss work, and giving us some direction on what next needs to be done.

I guess what I am seeing on a daily basis is very different to the big overall picture, after all we have only been in Pen Y Llechwedd for 6 months :). With this in mind, when researching our home this week, I found a few photos from the early 90’s I wanted to share. These have really reminded us that time is a matter of perspective and that we need to relax and just enjoy the project.

qips-2011-09-29-0085pThis photo is taken from the neighbour on our left, I find it fascinating that there is a large part of the front fence missing. The big tree that you can see to the right of the house, is gone now, but still causes us issues with its large root structure and we have only recently cut out the last of it’s stump.

qips-2011-09-29-0086pOther than the gardens and the paint colour, nothing too much has changed with this view of the house, this would have to do with it’s ‘Heritage Site’ listing, which prevents us from changing the facade of the home.

20141222_062312And as a reminder, but mostly because I could look at it all day long, here she is in her Christmas glory. There have been and will continue to be a few changes to the front garden prior to Winter, just enough to fresher her up a little. What we see here is so different to how it was only 6 months ago, and we have so many more plans to come. It’s all just a matter of time.

Do you like things to be done quickly or are you more of the pace yourself kind of person?

Nicole xxx

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