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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

One of my favourite parts of owning a home like Pen Y Llechwedd, is sharing it. Adam and I are believe that our home is not our own, but a gift of history to be shared. Our countries history is so young, and we feel that unless we preserve and share what we have, it will disappear. Our house is used as a display home for our business, Fernbrooke Homes. We regularly have clients though, new, old and prospective, to show them what is possible and to share in the rich history of design.


Yesterday we were able to share our home with the most wonderful of visitors, previous owners. These owners, had custody of Pen Y Llechwedd, for 20 years, before passing her on just 5 years ago. Good friends and neighbours of ours have been in contact with them ever since, and yesterday finally brought about the opportunity for us all to meet.

I was a little nervous when I dressed Pen Y ready for their arrival, what if they didn’t like the changes we had made, what if it didn’t feel right to these long term custodians? I wished so much not to offend them. I need not of worried, they loved the new Pen Y Llechwedd, as much as we do. They were most impressed with how the colour change had given her a new lease of life, her freshness really impressed them. They were very impressed with the new fireplace, and so excited that we had kept the library. (like I’d ever loose it!)


Their favourite part was twofold, the extension downstairs was more than they were able to imagine, and the recovery of the beautiful garden they had put so many years of hard work into. I was a joy to share the vision we had for Pen Y’s future, and how the coming extension would come about. So wonderful to share in the love these owners had for her all that time ago, and still do now. Little stories of what lay beneath the kitchen tiles, tales of the children who loved her like ours. It was a lovely meeting, and we are just so proud to be able to share, and to have this ‘family’ in our mutual home.

Does your home hold history you are able to share? Have you ever had past owners to your home?

Nicole xxx

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  1. How wonderful to have the old owners through your house! We were the first owners of our house but it was a display home before we purchased it. We’ve made so many memories in the house in the last 5 years, it was empty when we bought it and now each bedroom is full!

    1. It was really cool Bec, they were lovely! It’s amazing the way a house transforms with the growth of a family. Sweet, sweet memories. xx

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