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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Little has changed at Pen Y Llechwedd in the last few weeks. We’ve holidayed, we’ve entertained, we’re back to school, sport and busy work. We are embracing the cooler weather and the changes it brings to the house.

Even though we are on top of a hill, we lose light here quickly in the afternoons. By 4pm we are quiet dark inside, however it has become a little ritual each afternoon to walk around lighting all the lamps. Their warm light, makes the house feel comfortable and warm.



The roses are still blooming, they are standing tall out the front despite the wild winds on Sunday. They seem very happy in their new home, they bring a smile to my face everyday.


I’ve cut my first rose to place on my window sill, so I can keep that little bit of happy with me inside.



We had 2 little blue and white people join our family today. They remind me of my Nan and Pop, even though they are salt and pepper shakers. With my Dutch heritage, delft is like home for me, and at a time when my Nan is nearing her end, the little reminders make me feel warm.


How are things at your home with Winter coming?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Oh it looks so cosy and I love your new additions. The weather has been wet and wild which has given us a great excuse to stay in and keep warm and toasty indoors. It’s definitely time to dust off the slow cooker and the flannelette pyjamas!

    1. Oh how I love flannelette pyjamas! Nothing make you feel warmer. xx

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