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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Next year in February I turn 40. The first in our house to do so, we are in the midst of planning a party to celebrate the occasion. I loved our wedding, it was a beautiful celebration, held outside, under the stars by candle and fairy light. Fresh flowers adorned the tables, it was elegant and beautiful.










For my 40th, we plan on having a very similar gathering, a Midsummer Nights Dream party. Whimsical, romantic and soft. Work in the yard has already begun. We are fortunate to have many large mature trees in which we can string the fairy lights, however when initially beginning construction of our extension, we dumped the fill we dug out into a large part of the yard to be eventually used as a carport. Time changed those plans and now we will install a swimming pool in that spot, though for now we need the area for guests at the party.

Stage one of garden party prep, was to remove the fill, level the ground and lay turf. This stage is now completed, giving us so much more room, a ‘sports field’ for the boys to play football and cricket and the required area for guest on party night.

Stage two includes constantly refreshing the garden to ensure it’s looking it’s best in February.

Have you ever been to a garden party? When was the last time you had a birthday party? Have you turned 40 yet, I hear it’s the new 30?

Special thanks to Mr Stewart Ross our very talented wedding photographer. Not a day goes by without us still enjoying our wedding photos, thank you. x

Nicole xxx


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  1. Oh I LOVE garden parties! Our friends (the ones with the winery) they throw such a great garden party. It really is the best east to soirée in our climate. BTW 40?! No way ?

    1. You just made my day! xx

  2. Love what you have planned for your 40th. If your wedding photos are anything to go by, your birthday celebration will be one gorgeous garden party!

    1. Thank you lovely! xx

  3. Love the Midsomer Nught party idea and those photos are gorgeous! I can’t believe you will be 40! I didn’t celebrate my 30th with a party because I was too heavily pregnant. Looking forward to my 40th though to compensate!

    1. I know right, old bag! ? I didn’t have many parties as a little girl and missed out on my 21st due to being a new Mum. I did have a 30th but had to work so hard for it myself, I am super excited to leave the organising to The Builder this time.
      You might need a 35th your 40th is too far away! xx

  4. Your wedding looks like a proper fairytale affair! Forty is totally the new 30! I hired a bus for me and my friends to go to the Hunter Valley for a day of wine tasting and it was so much fun! When we got back to the city, we went to a local bar for party stage 2. It looks like your 40th is going to be fun and like you, super fabulous!

    1. That’s such a great idea Sammie! That would be so much fun. xx

  5. Oh wow – stunning. I’m half way to 50. I’d love to throw a big party but then again I might just run away to Greece.

    1. I’m loving the idea of running away to Greece. ?

  6. GORGEOUS! Love the watering can idea too. Can’t wait to see the next party pics!

    1. Thanks Nik! xx

  7. […] simple, with a bit of a weed spray and a tidy up and they are finished. We are still finishing off stage one of the garden makeover ready for my 4oth next year, which shows here with a bit of turf to be laid, […]

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