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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

The library is just about finished. One of the very last rooms on the list of rooms to be done, we didn’t realise until nearly done just what a difference it would make to our day to day lives. Everything now has it’s place. Somewhere to live and to be found when needed again. This make my O.C.D heart happy.

Our shelves have been styled, we are happy with how they look for the moment and over time, we can add more trinkets as we find them.


We thought we had nearly enough books, but alas we were well short, however this allowed us space for vignettes. I personally think if we had filled the shelves with books, it would be too busy perhaps make the room too heavy. The Builder and I are very happy with the balance the room has as it is.


We have several vignettes through the shelves, a mix of antique items and new.





My favourite piece in this room are the two insect pictures, lovingly drawn for us by our very special friend. The Builder and I were so thrilled to be able to finally hang these in there forever spot.

I couldn’t be happier with the library and the way it has come together. It really is a dream come true. All that is left is a the arrival of a desk lamp we purchased two weeks ago, a little sourcing to find the perfect desk set, and then a few cushions for the window seat. The Builder is hell bent on finding a working antique Gramophone to have in the room as well. Perhaps a drinks table wouldn’t go astray?

The room needs to be the perfect blend of good looks and functionality, as we use it as our working office daily. Most of our work requirements are stored away in the draws, and anything that needs to be left out, can be hidden when necessary.

What do you think of our room so far? Do you know where I might find a working Gramophone? Are you a reader?

Nicole xxx

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  1. love love love. So jealous. A space like this is a dream of mine. Enjoy it.

  2. A library! It’s beautiful and such a romantic space, I would never get anything done, I’d forever be curled up with a book. Love all the old encyclopaedias too.

  3. Oh my goodness, it’s everything I imagined it would be and more! How lucky are you to get to go to work there every day? I love the idea of a gramophone and a drinks table! It’s just glorious!

  4. Just love how the library looks. The styling is perfect!

  5. Your library is gorgeous, I’m doing one at our new house too.

  6. Oh my goodness, this would be a dream come true for me! I really need a bigger house!

  7. […] room most revered in our home is our library. I feel totally and utterly spoilt to have an entire room devoted to such pleasure as books. When […]

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