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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Living through a renovation is difficult at times. It becomes really hard to remember how far you’ve come. You tend to focus on how far you are yet to go. Although I had not lived through a renovation before this one, I knew that we would need a space to be able to relax in at the end of the day, and therefore insisted that we make our own bedroom a priority. It was in fact the first room to be completely finished. It’s our space to get away, and provided us the opportunity to begin and end each day with a positive, especially important when not only living in a renovation, but working on other renovations all day every day. Life can begin to feel like a renovation.

Our bedroom is a lovely romantic space, but it wasn’t always this way. For the first time, here are some before photos.




How about those drapes! The floral fabric on the window seat, the beautiful cream walls with light green trims?!? Obviously we had a dream space to work with, the ceiling in all the house were perfect, the spaces upstairs also exactly what we needed. In this room the first thing to go, were the window dressings, then a change of paint, and finally a dress up with furniture and soft furnishings to match.











It has taken a great deal of work and planning, but we are so happy with the outcome. It’s romantic, relaxing while also being warm and inviting. The perfect spot for us to begin and end each day. It is exactly as we dreamed on our little Pinterest board all that time ago.

How do you like our space? Have you ever used Pinterest to inspired a transformation in your home?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Nicole, it does become hard to remember how far you’ve come – you tend to focus on how many projects are still on the to do list! You have done an amazing job and that ceiling has me captivated. Imagine laying in bed looking up at that WOW! x

    1. They’re great until you’ve had one wine too many, then it tends to play tricks on your eyes 🙂

  2. Just lovely:)

    1. Thank you Erin. 🙂

  3. Wow! I’ve always dreamed of having a bay window just like that in my bedroom.

  4. I always wanted a bay window, it is very special but so is all your house. I love these peeks in Pen Y Liechwedd.

  5. Oh my those drapes before were quite something! You room is stunning. Even Esther mentioned your home just this last week as we visited another Qlder home and Esther noticed it was similar styling to your house. X

  6. I love the before and after pictures – such a transformation. That really is a renovation oasis, isn’t it? You’ve done a wonderful job! x

  7. I don’t know how I missed this post. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you xx

  8. […] weary body, but to keep his mind sharp and safe on site. Last year, when we moved into our “Pen Y Llechwedd” we bit the bullet and purchased a new bed. For us it’s a real investment in keeping […]

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