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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Another week has passed and we are now so, so close to celebrating our 1st year in our beautiful home. I am proud of the amount of work we have been able to do in the 12 months we’ve been here, all while juggling our family of 7 and our busy building company. Some jobs have been continuously pushed back, and this weekend gave us the opportunity to tackle one of these jobs.

It was the library’s time to receive some much needed attention, and just in the nick of time, as I had begun considering moving our home office to another space, I just couldn’t cope anymore!! You may recall, when we bought the house, the library shelving was already in place.



How about those pink walls and the spectacular green trim!! The walls had since been painted, however as I mentioned here we are now repainting the walls in a darker colour to reflect the tones in the entry way. This hasn’t yet been done, and we need to finish the horrible job of painting the library shelves, but good news, we do have draws!

We have two big ugly filing cabinets in the library, that don’t work and needed to go.


All the books and paperwork are out of the way, while it’s being painted. What a mess!!

Our solution was to have filing draws made for the bottom two shelves. We contracted our cabinet maker to make the basic draws and the rest was up to us, Adam.


This is the first basic draw going in.


After fixing the draws in, Adam needed to add the timber strips to make the draws have a shaker style appearance. Out came the equipment…..


and in no time, it was done!


All we needed now were some handles


and a coat of paint in the weeks to come. After a bit of styling, we will finally be finished our library. That will be a Moet kind of day that one!

Football season will soon be over, 5 weeks and counting, and the last few big jobs can be ticked off the list once and for all. I reckon we will have a year or so off before we think about the second extension though, this renovating is exhausting.

What do you think of our changes so far? Do you have a handy hubby?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Wow Nicole – I love the idea of putting the filing draws in the bottom two shelves and it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see the finished library. As someone who lives in a lowset brick home with tiled floors, I am so envious of the character details of your home and your beautiful timber floors! ? x

    1. Thank you Min, was lovely to meet you on the weekend, only sorry we didn’t get more time together xx

  2. Oh I’m with you, I think the library reveal will be the most exciting of all! That library is the stuff dreams are made of. Adam is so clever to make those drawers and what a neat idea, to add some filing space so the library can be used for both business and pleasure! My hubby is handy for small jobs but I think even he’d draw (ha ha, excuse the pun) line at a project as big as this!

    1. ‘ll be so excited to be finished Sammie, I don’t think it will take a moment at all before I’ve shared it with the world! xx

  3. Those first pictures of the pink walls hurt my eyes. What were they thinking when they used those colours?? I love the drawers Nicole. This space is going to look amazing when finished. I may need to come over for another sticky beak when completed! ?

    1. Absolutely!! xx

  4. Love it!! Always a sucker for library’s anyhow but I sooo loove yours:) Now for the books:)

    1. Oh the books, I have many, but need many more xx

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