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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

I like to play my cards close to my chest, and not reveal anything until it’s finished, or at least at a stage I am happy with. This week is no different, though we have finished painting the entry way, I’d like to find the ‘right’ piece of furniture to go in it, before I show you how it looks. But, what I can reveal is that we have gone dark, very dark, and it looks so much better than I could have imagined.


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Like Porters Paints double strength grey pepper dark.

It’s dark in a formal and grand kind of way, with the gloss white trims, it is just sensational! Last week the cabinet maker came, with some great and some not so great news. My poor little desk nook, will not be getting a make over. When we were discussing the options, we realised that as soon as we renovate the kitchen space, the floor height will be different, meaning that the cabinetry will no longer be a the correct height. Much better to wait until we are ready to renovate the kitchen, otherwise we will have to have it done twice.


The good news is, we have ordered 10 filing draws for the library, which will enable us to have a fully functioning office hidden within our library. Now that is awesome news! The library is also getting a paint job, she will be painted in a half strength grey pepper, to reflect the same tones as the hallway.

In other big news, the lounge and dining room will also be painted a new colour, though I am not yet sure when we will fit this in. The colour we have at the moment is proving to be too fresh and modern to wear well in the upstairs of our home. We have decided to keep the colour downstairs, as we still love it, however upstairs needs something more suited to it’s character.

Today and for the rest of this week, we are working on getting the garden finished down the back. I am so excited to share this space with you. It was literally a jungle when we arrived, we thought we would have to bring in the earthmovers and retain the yard, however once we pulled out all the vine, we found great bones.

I hope to be able to share some of this with you on Instagram and in next weeks post. Lots of information to share this week, but no pretty pictures just yet. Hang tight, they are coming.

Have you ever made a mistake with a paint choice? Were you able to correct your mistake? Do you have any gardening tips for me?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Paint is hard, even if you do a test patch on a wall it always seems different on a bigger scale. Just trust your gut instinct! My only tips for the garden and landscaping – make sure you have a big breaky to fuel yourself because it’s hard work isn’t it? I think I grew muscles I never knew we had when we did our house. There was tin sheds, pavers, trees, bushes, vines and mess everywhere….oh still having nightmares about it!

    1. It is hard, and it always looks so much different to what you think. I am lucky to have a great designer working with us to ensure we get it right this time. When I look at pictures of your yard now, you fill me with so much hope I can get through this. xx

  2. Choosing paint gives me hives! I’m always terrified about whether I’m making the right decision.
    We repainted the exterior of our house a couple of years ago and deciding the colour led to a very intense negotiation between my husband and I!

    1. Fortunately, we haven’t had any tense discussions just yet, but I am sure they are coming. We differ greatly on what we would like to do with the exterior of the house. Just wait till we get to the kitchen design, that may be the deal breaker xx

  3. Exciting times – I can’t wait for the reveal(s)!

  4. […] walls and the spectacular green trim!! The walls had since been painted, however as I mentioned here we are now repainting the walls in a darker colour to reflect the tones in the entry way. This […]

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