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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

This past weekend, I travelled to Melbourne to attend the Kidspot Voices 2015 masterclass. I had a fantastic time and learnt so much! One of the most important messages I took home from this event was, keeping my authentic voice. For a blog like this, that is very important. I would like to demystify the world of building and renovating, and therefor feel it is important not to make the process seem to uncomplicated.

We are living in a renovation, we have been for 10 months now. It isn’t easy, it is messy, dusty, frustrating and slow! I am not sure that I have been totally clear about this, so today I will be giving you an opportunity to see one of our unfinished projects.

There were many things that grabbed me about our Pen Y Llechwedd, when we first walked through her, you can read about some of those here and here. One little detail that initially had me perplexed though was a little nook of shelves. The medical students that were renting our house, had those shelves stocked high with kitchen appliances that looked really out of place. It looked like this was originally used to display items, however the lowest shelf meant there was a huge amount of room underneath it.

There were months in between when we bought our house and when we were finally able to walk through her again, and in this time a little plan began to hatch. What could I do with this bazar space, how could I make it work for our home and our family. While dreaming away on Pinterest, I happened across and emerging trend in kitchen design, the Desk Nook. I shared the information with the Builder, and he came up with a plan.

We would move the lowest shelf down to desk height, and I could then use this area as my very own desk nook. Our tradies were quickly organised to carry out this wish, and that is exactly as far as we got. I use this desk every day, which is one of the reasons why nothing more has happened with the space. It needs to be painted, it needs to be decorated and now I think it will need some cabinetry to make the space more user friendly.

In the interest of sharing my authentic voice, today a share with you, an unfiltered, an unstyled, just as it is each day, photo of my little desk nook.


Here it is, in all it’s unglory! My desk nook very deep in it’s before stage. The line you can see above my computer, is where the shelving used to end. Over time, we have found that there isn’t enough storage on this desk, and have been discussing using some cabinetry underneath to hide all the ‘stuff’ that we have, oh and those nasty cables, yuck! This would give me the opportunity to have a super styled desk nook like those you see in a magazine.

What do you think of my little desk nook? You can see I still haven’t purchased a new camera, any suggestions?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh it’s such a bijou little space isn’t it?! The shelves are adorned with so much pretty, I didn’t even notice the cables. “Oh Nicole, what beautiful china you have.” (That’s in my best Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood voice!) I can’t wait for the after pictures. As for cameras, I love my Olympus EM10 sick, and it’s so simple to use, even I can do it. Even on auto, the quality of the images is just fabulous!

    1. Ha ha ha! Miss Sammie, or Miss Wolff if you like, you make me smile every, single time. xx
      Yes for the Olympus, it seems to be at the very top of the list!! Thank you xxx

  2. Oh I was totally drawn to your teapots!!!! I have such a thing for gorgeous china! So lovely to meet you on the weekend Nicole! xx

    1. Thank you Lucy, I love them too! It was wonderful to meet you also, and congratulations once again. Very well deserved!! xx

  3. What a great space for a study nook. I love it. I can’t wait to see it after the cabinetry goes in. X

    1. Me too Bec, super excited to get this all finished xx

  4. What a great desk nook – loving the authenticity of your voice and house. That really is what its all about isn’t it! There are so many tips on Pinterest on hiding cables, I really need to busy myself and take a look. I have so many cords + cables to hide!!!

    1. Oh Pinterest, I do get lost there for hours!! Hubby hates it ?

  5. Oh I love your little nook. It’s the cutest. Ever. I can’t wait to see what you do with it ?

    1. Thank you Renee, I’m really excited too xx

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