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Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

Pen Y Llechwedd-An Update

This week I though I would tell you about how our living has changed in Pen Y Llechwedd, now that the seasons have changed. In Summer we started our day with a cup of coffee on the front deck, we ended our day with a glass of wine on the back deck, if we had any time during the day, we would spend our time on the bedroom deck. We were trying to stay out of the sun.


The aircon in the lounge would keep us cool until it was time for bed, then the bedroom aircon was cranked up. This house of ours was made for summer, with windows everywhere to catch the breeze, decks to loose the sun on. It’s magical to be able to have the house open and enjoying the sounds of the birds first thing in the morning.


The children were cool downstairs also. The concrete slab makes all the difference to the insulation. Windows have also been placed everywhere to ensure we can capture the breeze downstairs as much as up.


This house was not built for Winter, and the breezes we love in Summer, begin to trouble us in Winter. The house remains closed, windows firmly shut, draft stoppers in place, nanny knee rugs out, heaters on at night. Outside living has changed, but only the position of the deck we choose to sit on. Morning sees us out on the back deck capturing the first rays of sunlight, while the afternoon see us on the front deck to see out the warmth of the day.

We love the many moods of our Pen Y Llechwedd.

Does your living change in your home with the seasons? Do you have a house built for Summer, Winter or both?

Nicole xxx


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  1. I can just imagine you all sitting warm and toasty indoors. I bet the house is as magical in winter as it is in summer, just for different reasons! I love these updates…

    1. Thank you Sammie, it’s a wonderful place to live xxx

  2. This reminds me of a Queenslander I used to live in. The draft used to come up through the floorboards and oh boy it was cold!! Rug up x

    1. I think we are lucky that we built in enough of downstairs that we don’t get too much draft up through the floor. I cannot imagine how cold it would be if we did!

  3. Such a beautiful area outside, I wouldn’t waste that no matter what the weather. We do spend less time in our outdoor area in Winter because it gets no sun, but there is a cosy nook in a big bay window that gets the best sun all winter.

    1. Thanks Malinda, your nook sounds delightful xx

  4. I love your deck area. Looks like a great place to entertain but also unwind. The thing with Queenslander houses is they can be hot in summer and cold in winter, but it seems you’ve got the climate control under control. x

  5. oh that’s exactly the same here. To save heater I close all the doors during the winter. That might be old houses problems! And it’s a bit hot in my bedroom due to cathedral ceiling (is it the same exprsssion in english?) xx cathy

    1. Yes Cathy, your expression is correct! I agree, most definitely old home problems. xx

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