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Pen Y Llechwedd 2016 Update

Pen Y Llechwedd 2016 Update

A big bright shiny new year has landed in our laps, and with it has come the continuation of our enthusiasm for our home and completing our renovations. We have created a 2016 inspiration board, filled with all that we dream of for our home, and given ourselves a healthy kick up the butt in regards to a time line.


This view of the house will see a huge change. The hedge will go, the brick wall will also go and in it’s place will be a new driveway big enough to fit four cars. The space will also house our brand new garage, the most exciting point for The Builder. ?


Being a Heritage Listed site, as apposed to a Heritage House means we have a little flexibility in what we can do with our home. The stipulations will have us mimicking the house design in the garage.


The same roof line will be used, as well as colour and facade. We would like to have the doors of the garage built to look like it’s an ordinary wall of the house with windows in. It will be a challenge for the door manufacturer, but a challenge is what we love best!


This space will house 2 new decks, one upstairs for every day use, and one downstairs for entertaining. We are beginning to think we should reconfigure our renovation downstairs as well. Currently 2 of the children have bedrooms behind the wall that you see here. To the right of here, is to be a pool room, however we are thinking that the whole downstairs will flow better if we put all the bedrooms on one side and and use the above space to house the pool room which will open out onto the entertaining deck, and then to the pool.


These gardens will go, in their place will either be the pool room or bedrooms as discussed above. We have decided to have a good look at our options once we are home from holiday, this will give us the space for a little clarity on the issue.

Above the gardens, you can see the current deck, this will be moved over. The space will be closed in and our kitchen extended so that we will finally have room for the 5 kids to make breakfast all at the same time. Yay!!!

Big plans for our year to come, all meant to enhance our life and give us the opportunity to grow.

What plans do you have for 2016? Are you a planner or a drifter? Do you like to have a goal to work towards?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Wow! Big but exciting changes ahead! I like to fly by the seat of my pants but hubster is a big planner so we kind of balance things out! I can’t wait for your after pictures!

    1. The Builder was just like you Sammie, a bit of a compromise here and there has us on a similar journey now ?

  2. Wow that will be amazing. I love your house. My 40 after 40 list includes having a house someday with a large wrap around porch!!!

    1. I love the idea of 40 after 40! I have just written my bucket list for this my 40th year, perhaps I could adopt your 40 after 40 as well ?

  3. What a gorgeous house – I love the look of Queenslanders. I’m a bit of a planner but my husband is a seat of the pants guy around the house – he only leaps into action when I tell him we’ve got houseguests arriving in 2 days or 12 people for lunch in an hour!!!

  4. Please, what colours did you use on your house? I have a house with a green roof (which is in perfect condition). I really love the colours of your house, if you could share the colours that would be awesome.
    Thank you,

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