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Overwhelm – Moving Forward

Overwhelm – Moving Forward

It’s been a busy start to the year, in fact a huge start to the year. We are busier in our business than we have ever been, run off our feet actually, and it’s great. Though it has taken my just about full time job to more than a full time job. The blog is becoming busier as well, as new opportunities fall at my feet.


Then there is the new business The Builder and I are trying to get set up. It needs a week or two solid for us to really get it up off the ground.

I also have a brain jam packed with new ideas and new directions for my blog and the community it is building. We have our morning tea coming up, the first of many events I hope.

I have meetings every day this week, with new clients and contacts that will help me turn my dreams into something attainable. I am excited to share my passion with you, but before I can, I need to get past this feeling of total overwhelm.

I am finding that nothing is clear, that nothing is clean cut. Everything feels messy and out of control. Problems and issues are rolling in, over and over. My usual clear and concise thinking is out of balance, I am struggling to keep up.

I feel overwhelmed.

How am I going to move forward? I’m not really sure, first of all I’m going to concentrate on what I need to do to get through the day. I am going to concentrate on projects I can achieve. I am going to light a candle every morning and visualise my intentions for the day. I am going to have my lunch in the garden and not sitting in front of the computer, or in the car on the way to an appointment.

I am going to put myself first, just for a moment, so that I can continue to get through my ever growing list. I’m going to let some of the negative go from my life, and concentrate on the positive that surrounds me. I’m going to cuddle my cats, and play with my dogs, even if only for a moment.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Because I felt it important that you see that my life is not perfect, that we all struggle at times. That overwhelm can come at take the wind out of you at any moment, but it is possible to refocus and move forward.

I have a belief that success is the decision to move forward rather than get stuck. Sometimes that success takes a little longer to come by than other times, but the gentle movement forward with each step is the success I find inspiring in a day.

How is your week looking? Feeling overwhelmed? How do you get out of a rut?

Nicole xxx

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  1. This year I chose not to be overwhelmed, because last year I was and it didn’t do well for my health. After seeing my doctor a couple of weeks ago he told me I’m healthy, but my lifestyle needs to change. I often have a lot of ideas too, but the season for me is really busy with little kids. I’ve learned to just focus on what requires immediate priority at the moment. I think its wonderful that you and Adam are busy and that you have awesome plans in store. I hope your 40th year is one that sees a lot of dreams come to fruition and is a prosperous year in both financial benefits and love in your family.

    1. That is the kindest wish Bec, thank you so much. I wont let this one bite me, as I have the opportunity to turn that overwhelm into control. Just need to get a handle on all the tasks at hand, and take a little time for myself, and we are good to go! Thank you so much for your lovely words xxx

  2. I hear you! I’ve dropped back from blogging 5 days a week to 3 this year, yet ironically I’m now busier with the blog than ever. I admire how proactive you’re being about everything. Taking time out for yourself each day is so important and having lunch in that beautiful garden of yours would lower anyone’s heart rate in an instant x

    1. It’s amazing isn’t it. You really have to stop and wonder how you managed to fit 5 days of blogging into a week! Life takes over, and as the kids grow life gets so much busier. xxx

  3. What an amazing start to your year. I love when i read about every day people who have worked hard and they are achieving their goals. #teamIBOT

    1. Feeling very blessed Natalie! Thank you for dropping by and for your very kind words xx

  4. Awesome to hear how well you’re doing with the business and your blog. Overwhelm can rock you but it sounds like you’ve got the right idea of how to handle it Nicole. Look after yourself! xo

    1. Thank you lovely! xxx

  5. It’s so awesome, Nic, to see so much great stuff coming your way. Overwhelm can certainly happen (I hear you loud and clear about that one!) I think you’re doing awesomely and will pull it altogether just how it needs to be done xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for your encouragement! xxx

  6. Lovely to hear that things are going along nicely for you. I can sympathise at the moment as we too are run off our feet, it’s nice to be busy but sometimes it’s nice to just relax, which is something we don’t do a lot of lately around here. We too run a busy business on top of Hubby working full time & having returned to work/teaching myself this year Iv found that it’s essential to make time for regular meals, play with the kids in the afternoon & take the kids for bike rides and walks in the evening. Our bedtimes have all skewed a little, despite being exhausted at the end of the day, that is something I need to fine tune a little.. As some more sleep would be nice!
    Hang in there.. I guess it’s good to be busy xx

    1. It’s a whole bunch of work running a business on it’s own, let alone you both working other jobs. Funny that you say the bedtimes have skewed, as ours have also since school went back. I think that is one of my most difficult issues, I’ve lost our routine, time to find it again xx

  7. Overwhelmed here as well. An unexpected house move (our 23rd) and health issues have added to the chaos and I’ve been struggling to keep up.

    1. Holy moly, 23rd move!! I can see why you’d be struggling to keep up. Best wishes for your move, I hope it goes without a hitch! xx

  8. It’s so easy to get totally overwhelmed, isn’t it? This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had to sit down and prioritise all the projects I was committed to, write myself some long term goals and then ditch the projects that didn’t align with them. It was hard, but I feel so much calmer and in control now.

    1. It just slips right in and knocks you for a six doesn’t it! I’ve started prioritising today and we’ll see where that takes me ? xx

  9. Yes totally overwhelmed at the moment so I’ve liked reading about how you are going to deal with it have taken notes! So delighted to hear of your successes, it’s so exciting how things are working out. Take care of you x

    1. Thank you for your kind words Vicki, much appreciated. xxx

  10. Wow Nicole, sounds very full on but also exciting at the same time! I think learning to prioritise is the key, deciding what is most important and what just needs to wait (much easier said than done though!) Look after yourself.

    1. It most definitely is exciting! Just need to work on getting the other bits in control so that we can make the most of the situation. Thank you for your kind words xx

  11. Sounds like you have your priorities in the right order lovely. Such exciting things to come for you… but first, look after you! Xx

    1. Thank you Shannon for your kind wishes. It is an exciting time, just need to work on the priorities and get to enjoying it xx

  12. Good luck with your new enterprise! How’s the interior design course going? I keep meaning to ask!

    1. Thank you Haidee! The interior design course is one of the things I have to action this week. Just need to get an assignment done to be back on track. xx

  13. I hope you exit the period of being overwhelmed very soon and start feeling fully productive once again. I find that if you keep putting one foot in front of another the productivity normally defeats those big feelings – and yes, I consistently feel overwhelmed. But as I get older, I know that if I keep doing things one job at a time it normally all comes together.

    1. Thank you Caitlin, such great advice! xx

  14. I think overwhelm is at epidemic levels right now! I’m so excited for what’s in store for you and the blog, but I’m pleased you’ve got your priorities in place and that you’re putting yourself first because as they say in “The Help” “You is important.”

  15. I just realised today that my son is turning 2 next Saturday (5th March) and my daughter is turning 11 on the 8th March. Being sick last week, means I am a week behind in all of my party planning & organisation – which I am hoping to do over the next couple of days.

    I am feeling VERY overwhelmed & emotional that my son is TWO soon. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of my due date (from 2 years ago) and so the rest of the week and next, leading up to his birthday is going to be a reflective one.

    I also have my niece and nephew from Australia visiting us and staying for 5 days…PLUS my Nana will be coming up for a visit, which is like having the Queen coming to your home!

    Thank you for sharing this post! I would have written mine very similar! Starting with small achievable tasks is a great place to start. I am rewriting my To-Do list at the moment (I love lists), deligate where I can and pray I get through the next two weeks! I wish us the best of luck!

    1. Thank you Charlene. Holy moly, you have a huge few weeks on the way! I also find myself to be very emotional when the children turn another year older, and if I was honest, I would say, a great deal of my overwhelm at the moment is turning 40. I’m feeling much better today after making a big decision last night, now I just need to implement it xx

  16. I don’t tend to get overwhelmed because I consciously avoid taking too much on and feel very comfortable saying no to people. The joys of being arrogant in your old age. LOL.

    1. PERFECT!!!

  17. Thinking of you Nicole. Overwhelm is really too common. I have a job interview tomorrow for an exciting full time role that I don’t know if I should take. I got a new car today – my first new car in my lifetime – I’m excited but tired. Our son’s birthday party is this weekend. My Dad has heart problems with his heart going out of rhythm for the third time in as many weeks. I couldn’t remember how to spell rhythm! I taught one yoga class Sunday and two yoga classes yesterday and worked my day job today, as I do four days a week. I think our son may be hyperactive and our new puppy (15 weeks old) is probably making it worse as the two of them are crazy together and our son is jealous. I have to pick up my daughter at 8pm from four hours of dance (her huge dance night) in a busy week of 13 hours dancing. I have managed a regular guest blog for DoYouYoga but haven’t been able to do my own blog because I’m too busy. I’m not prepared for my interview tomorrow. And I advocate a yin, slower and deeper approach to life!!!

    1. I love, love, love this, a heartfelt thank you. Life is so busy, it is up to us to take a moment to priorities and breath. Your life right now, certainly sounds very exciting, but also very overwhelming. I am sending healing wishes for your Dad, and calm ones for your son and puppy. (we too have (had now) a hyperactive child, but thanks to a recent diagnosis, and some wonderful herbs, he is so much better)

  18. I have to hide out to deal with overwhelm!

    1. Not a bad idea!

  19. Wow! What an exciting year it’s going to be. My advice is to take it one day, one step at a time. And make sure, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, to take a step back, breathe, and move forward again. Best. x

    1. Thank you! Great advice xx

  20. Sorry to hear you’re feeling overwhelmed, Nicole. It sounds like you have an awful lot on. I think your strategies are good ones. Keep trying to steal those snippets of time during the day to bring yourself some inner peace. I’m one to talk. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with my job at the moment. So much work and not enough time to do it. I’ll take a few lessons out of your book x

    1. Thank you Renee, we’ll work on it together! If only I could make a machine to make more time, I’d be very wealthy!!! and have little to worry about xxx

  21. Great post – lots of overwhelm and confusion here too. Not sure which path I’m supposed to take! They’re all good ones though, so that’s a nice place to be in. Looking forward to getting some clarity soon. Glad to hear that business is good. A high-quality problem to have.

    1. Thanks Alix, I know what you mean, it seems nearly every week at the moment, another awesome opportunity lands in my lap! An exciting problem to have xx

  22. Your right in saying that everyone has times when they are overwhelmed. I hope you find the time you need to relax and get your thoughts back on track. Looking forward to hearing about your new projects xx

    1. Thank you so much Beck, can’t wait to share! xx

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