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Our Christmas Tablescape – Pen Y Llechwedd

Our Christmas Tablescape – Pen Y Llechwedd

If we didn’t lead such busy lives, I would happily create a tablescape for each and every day. One of my very favourite parts of entertaining is setting the table. Setting the table not only helps set the mood but plays a practical role in letting your guests know where they are sitting and even what kind of foods to expect. Our Christmas tablescape is my favourite all year.

Christmas time doesn’t allow for many guesses as the menu is always the same for those special meals, but I do love the opportunity to formalise our dining. Our table setting is really quite simple and perfectly Australian. While very similar to last years tablescape, this year is a little more simple. Here take a look at this video showing how I put it all together.


Creating your Christmas tablescape is as easy as that! I’d love to see what you do with your Christmas table this year.



christmas tablescape

christmas tablescape

christmas tablescape

Care to share your Christmas Table? Please do so on our Facebook page, I would love to see what you create. Do you have a favourite flower?

Nicole xxx

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Simple Christmas Table

Simple Christmas Table


  1. Love the video – the greenery brings it all together and makes it look so festive. We are going to friends for Christmas Day and Boxing Day so I can pass on the tablescaping for this year!

    1. Thank you Sammie, it’s my first ever video, I was a little nervous but happy with the outcome! xx

  2. Love your video and honestly I just adore your house! You are so very clever at both the building exactly the right things and then styling them so lovely! We won’t have any tablescaping this year Mum controls everything at her place and we are going to a restaurant with the in laws.

    I would love to tablescape here but I need to train the family to stop dumping on it!!!

    1. Oh thank you for your kind words Cat, they mean so very much to me. Getting our family to stop using the table as their dumping ground has been a tough and ongoing challenge! I so understand what you are saying xx

  3. I love those glasses! We are having Christmas Lunch with my sisters kids who are 3 and 7… so no such tablescape.

    1. I remember those days Ashleigh, though when we were kids, we used to have a “kids table” so we couldn’t mess up the big peoples table ? xx

  4. Here’s to a fabulous Christmas, I love the greenery too. Have a wonderful day lovely x

  5. It looks great Nicole and I love that you made a video ? Kylie

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