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Options For Closing In Your Verandah To Provide More Living Space

Options For Closing In Your Verandah To Provide More Living Space

Another reader question to be answered today, with one reader asking about what options there are for closing in your verandah. It is not always possible for us to extend our homes, but when thinking a little creatively you can make extra space out of what you already have in your home, like closing in your verandah. Let’s take a look at how.

Options For Closing In Your Verandah To Provide More Living Space

The classic Queenslander deck is an ideal extra room within your home. There are a few ways in which you can ‘close in’ this space to ensure that you have a room that can be used year round.

Bistro Blinds


Bistro blinds are a great compromise for the verandah that you prefer to keep open, but you want to have the option of shutting out the cold or the wet. While bistro blinds offer little protection from the sun, as they are clear pvc, they can work well to keep the cool out on those Winter nights. This is also a less expensive option to some of the others available. Bistro blinds offer great flexibility for how you use your verandah.

Patio Blinds

Patio blinds are similar to bistro blinds, however they lose a little with heat retention, but gain a bunch with sun protection. Patio blinds are typically made from high UV protected shade cloth, which of course will keep the sun out, but wont do a whole lot on those cold Winter nights. Also very flexible in terms of how you can use your space, and a less expensive option.

Ozrite Awnings & Outdoor Blinds


Lattice has been used to close in verandahs for 100 years or more. At our Pen Y Llechwedd, lattice was attached to the verandah out the front to create a sleep out for a couple of the kids that lived there at the time. The disadvantage of course is that lattice will do little to keep the elements out, but it does provide that privacy so many of us are after. This is a more permanent option that will take a little work to remove, but another great budget option for closing in your verandah.



Shutters are a great method for permanently closing in your verandah. Shutters can keep all the elements out and look stylish on most home types. A more costly option than those listed previously, however this is a more permanent option as well. The biggest advantage to shutters, is having te option to keep them open or closed and generally this can be done in multiple configurations which can work well for blocking out the weather, while still allowing for airflow and observing a view.

ABC Blinds

Build It In

The final option is of course to get to work with your builder and build in your verandah to match the existing house. This permanent option works well to provide a completely weather proof bonus room that can not only add great space under the existing roof line (read that as, a far less expensive addition) but has the potential to add extra value to your home. This is the most costly of all the options, as this will require significant works to your home, but if you are looking at add extra space for a reasonable cost, this may be the best of all the options we have shared.

As you can see by the old photo of Pen Y Llechwedd, we’ve been closing in verandahs for years here in Australia, to provide better living conditions or to provide extra space. A great option to consider for your home.

Have you build in your verandah? Are you looking for extra space in your home?

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